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Answering the Common Questions About Dental Implants

Questions About Dental Implants

People can feel intimidated about going to the dentist, especially when they have a lack of knowledge about what exactly is going on and what will happen. Dental anxiety can be tough to overcome, even for adults, especially when it comes to processes involving dental implants.

Dental care and these procedures are a must to protect one’s teeth and health, though. Learning more about these dental procedures may help ease the fear that others have. Here are some answers to the common questions people ask about dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants Like?

Dental implants are defined as an artificial replacement for a missing tooth. When applied, the implant usually blends into the jaw and gum tissue. It appears like regular teeth compared to any other alternative after placement.

On its own, one could describe a dental implant as a screw that’s made up of titanium or tissue-friendly material. A dental professional usually matches the cylindrical design and size of the dental implant to perfectly match the gums of the patient.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants act as a replacement for the missing tooth, starting from the root in your mouth’s jaw and gums down. Once it’s attached, a crown is added to be in place of where a natural tooth would be. These implants may seem a little similar to dentures in terms of purpose.

That being said, dental implants work just a little differently and require you to be in an excellent condition to support the attachment. A patient who wants to get dental implants should already have developed jawbones and healthy gums, along with an excellent overall health record.

Are Dental Implants Good?

Dental implants can be pretty good to have and are recommended for people of a healthy stature who want to bridge the gap in their teeth and fill a missing spot. They are restricted for people who cannot risk infection while the dental implant is being surgically attached.

For example, women who are expecting are discouraged from taking on the dental procedure during pregnancy. Youth and people who have chronic diseases are also advised against getting dental implants.

What Happens at a Dental Implant Appointment?

When you arrive at the clinic to meet your dentist for the dental implant, they’ll take you to the office of the dentist who will be handling your dental surgery. Some patients request or need to be placed under some form of anesthesia while the dental implants are being placed.

A few months are needed to securely have the dental implant attached. The first will be for screwing in the dental implant to the root and an implant post for the gums. The crown or actual teeth replacement is added during an appointment six months after the implant post.

What’s the Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures?

As mentioned above, dental implants and dentures have a similar objective of replacing a patient’s missing teeth. The most significant difference between the two is temporariness and removability, as dentures regularly get taken out and require more maintenance.

Dental implants and dentures also differ in the comfort they provide. Once dental implants are attached, and you’re used to them, they don’t inhibit your way of eating or speaking like dentures usually do.


Learning about dental implants can help you feel more prepared about stepping into a dental office. It’s a large leap for many people, but pushing through will help you end up with a great complete set of pearly whites and a confident smile.

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