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Are Dentures Still Relevant Today. What to Know


The rise of modern technology has allowed treatment centers and clinics to improve the way they render care to patients, especially in the case of the ever-evolving world of dentistry.

Whether patients want to fix their teeth’ alignment, whiten them, or strengthen them, it’s safe to say that there will always be an available solution for any dental problem. In fact, at 67th Street Dental, we rarely get any cases or patients that have conditions or issues that we can’t solve because of all the available forms of technology!

By now, you’ve probably become familiar with the whole idea of seeking a dental treatment procedure that best suits your needs and ensures that your mouth remains in its best shape. While you may probably know a whole lot about modern dentistry on the level of receiving such treatments, there’s one question that you might not know much about: “Are dentures still “in” and available?”

What Are Dentures?

The best way to define these forms of dental treatments is that they are appliances designed to fit a mouth accurately so that the result matches the structure of the face. Often common among the elderly, this treatment option is carried out alongside the goal of replacing many (or even all) missing natural teeth.

When done properly, the best examples are capable of the following functions:

  • Restoring the appearance of natural teeth
  • Bringing the full range of dental function back to one’s mouth
  • Increasing the confidence and freedom to live freely by laughing, speaking, and even singing without hesitation or anxiety over missing teeth

Are Dentures Still Relevant?

Absolutely––although the bells and whistles can make it feel like dentures are antiquated and no longer applicable to modern dental treatments, this simply isn’t the case.

In terms of functionality and experience, the dental treatment in question checks out because it achieves the best results as compared to other options in the market. When you compare modern, updated dentures with other options that are too expensive or ineffective, you’ll easily see where the appeal of investing in such treatment comes from.

What Options of Dentures Can You Choose From?

If you want to start taking care of your teeth as the years go by, then it’s best to understand that there are three main options that you can choose from. Let’s go over the main options that you can find in further detail:

Complete dentures: These treatments are designed to replace all of your teeth in one or both arches. Typically made of plastic and composite resin bases that grip porcelain teeth which are held in place on your gums by a suction-formed seal, complete dentures offer a much more comfortable experience after losing all your teeth.

Partial dentures: These options are more appropriate for patients who are missing many teeth in one or both arches, but not all teeth. This treatment works because it replaces the missing teeth by holding artificial porcelain teeth in a rigid plastic base or flexible material supported by your gums and remaining natural teeth.

Implant-supported dentures: These forms of functional treatments are complete or partial dentures that do not rest on your gums to be removed as required and at night. If you want a through-and-through experience that is less inconvenient and more natural-feeling, this option will permanently connect to your jaw bone through dental implants in your jaw. Although implants can cost more than dentures at first, they will last long and save you more money over time!


Although they are rather dated than other modern treatment options in the market, dentures hold their relevance when it comes to mitigating tooth loss issues. Through the help of this treatment option, you can nurse your smile back to impeccable health in no time and ensure that you live confidently, smile freely, and bite and gnaw comfortably for a lifetime!

If you’re looking for professional dental implants in Red Deer, 67th Street Dental Clinic has got you covered on all ends for the best results. Get in touch with us today to book your appointment with us to refine your perfect smile with top-quality dental implants!




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