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Mouth Guards

3 Types of Mouth Guards

A mouth guard is a covering for your teeth that protect them from external injuries or even some internal habits. Unlike braces, they are easily removable and worn temporarily. They also serve a highly different purpose from braces, which are worn to fix the alignment of your teeth. Mouth guards can be uncomfortable to wear

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Dental Braces

Facts You Should Know About Dental Braces

Just the thought of getting braces is horrifying, let alone living with it. Turns out, there is a lot of bad press about dental braces than facts that you need to know before you prepare yourself to get them. The following facts will eventually give you reasons to get dental braces, so read along: There

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Tooth Extraction

5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Constant wear and tear, decay, and other trauma tends to cause a tooth’s health to be compromised. These issues can cause a tooth extraction, which is a minor surgical procedure to remove a tooth. Depending upon the condition, your affected tooth may require extraction as well or else it will cause infection in the later

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Sports Mouth Guard

Things to Know About Sports Mouth Guard

Whilst playing any sports, a single blow to the jaw or the mouth can cause serious dental damage that can be painful and expensive to treat. You can minimize the risk of such sports injuries by using a sports mouth guard when you are a part of sports or other physical recreational activities. What is

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Prevent Gum Disease

6 Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Gums are a very vital part of your dental health and if not taken care of, can lead to gum diseases. Gum disease is a common issue faced by many adults owing to various reasons. It is important to prevent gum disease to avoid further complications that can be expensive and have ill-effects on our

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Wearing Invisalign

How to Manage Discomfort While Wearing Invisalign

So, you’ve finally got your Invisalign teeth aligners. Congratulations! You probably can’t wait to see your brand-new smile at the end of your treatment. However, at the moment, you are probably experiencing some discomfort. Having Invisalign is not painful, but because your teeth are slowly moving into their rightful places, if you will, they could

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Dental Crown

Oral Care 101: Is Your Dental Crown Due for a Replacement?

Dental crowns are necessary to repair the aesthetic and functional purpose of broken teeth. Since these are artificial replacements, people who have them are concerned about the mileage they’ll get out of them. Although they’re effective solutions for broken and cracked teeth, they still have a limited lifespan. Dental crowns vary in their lifespan, depending

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