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Benefits of Wearing a Mouthguard

Wearing a Mouthguard

Who wouldn’t want to keep their smiles on forever? Definitely, everyone wants to! Which is why people take many measures to keep their teeth in the pink of health. Wearing a mouthguard is one such way to safeguard your dental health, especially if you are a person who is into athletic and recreational activities. It’s the best way to prevent your teeth from any probable injuries. A mouthguard is a cushion-like thick material fabricated to provide comfort between the teeth and the jaw. Mouthguards prevent teeth from any strong impact. They are completely efficient in preventing a person from getting their dental area harmed due to rigorous activities. It covers the upper area of the teeth and prevents the lower teeth to grind against the upper one. A mouthguard is of great importance to an individual in many ways, carrying immense benefits.

Protects Overall Health of Your Teeth

What if someday, while playing, you fall on your face and break your front teeth? This sure seems like a painful thing to happen to anyone. Some people also avoid wearing mouthguards because they think that mouthguards are extremely uncool. Remember, the biggest sports players wear it because they care for their teeth. If they can, so can you! Now, what if your teeth are prone to chipping due to some reasons? You can’t stop these things, but you can prevent your teeth from undergoing severe damage. Without a mouthguard, your teeth are always at the risk of getting damaged. You don’t need mouthguards only because you are a heavy sports player, but also if you are prone to bad dental habits. Some people are very ignorant of their dental health and incessantly keep grinding their teeth if they are stressed. Sometimes also because they are possibly suffering from Bruxism. While some people are not able to get over this habit, but they can always prevent their teeth from getting damaged due to this.

Protects Mouth After Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment such as fitting braces are good for teeth, but they can result in cuts or bruises on the insides of your mouth. Having braces or orthodontic appliances can bruise your cheeks or your lips while you are sleeping or while any activity. If you recently have undergone certain orthodontic treatment or use the traditional braces, it is best to ask your dentist for a mouthguard. Your dentist will prescribe an appropriate mouthguard you must have since you use braces. If you were to ask us, we would suggest to not go for the traditional mouthguards since they can possibly create discomfort due to their sturdy nature. Opt for the custom mouthguards to cover the area. You can then prevent yourself from any cuts or bruises henceforth.

Protects Teeth & Jaw From Serious Injuries

As mentioned before, if you are the one who cannot do without sports, then a mouthguard is a must for you! A custom-made, reliable mouthguard will prevent your teeth from facing any serious injuries. We have seen almost all sportsmen using mouthguards while playing their respective sport. However, most of the time, mouthguards are mostly utilized by sportsmen in boxing, rugby and more such intense physical sports. This is because one hard jab can give them a lifetime of regret of not saving their teeth in time. Since the mouthguard covers the upper teeth area, it prevents the lower teeth to smash against the upper teeth if someone hits the jaw upwardly. This, not only prevents any injury to the teeth but also prevents your jaw from suffering from severe damage. Mouthguards also help in preventing concussions by acting as a buffer to the blow. Thus, mouthguards make a very efficient barrier between your mouth and hard blows. This is why, it is extremely important to wear mouthguards if you are an avid sportsperson.

Helps With Sleep Apnea

Why do you think some people suffer from sleep apnea? Sleep apnea occurs when your throat obstructs the airflow in and out of your throat, i.e. there is a blockage of air and you are unable to breathe. One might suffer from sleep apnea due to stress, obesity, heart conditions, stroke, depression, etc. Bruxism is also one common sign of sleep apnea, which is why it should be soon consulted with a doctor. Now, how do mouthguards come into the scenario? Mouthguards, actually play a very important role to serve you a good night’s sleep. Wearing a mouthguard when sleeping will keep your lower jaw further, thus making sufficient space for the airflow. This will open up your throat space and thus help you have a good night’s sleep.

A qualified dentist will prepare intricate teeth-mould for your teeth, so you can experience comfort while indulging in athletic activities. Do not let an oral injury to disrupt your smile and your ability to indulge in sports go to waste. Have a great quality mouthguard made for yourself and give absolute care to your teeth. Visit a dentist regularly to ensure perfect dental health.


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