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Tongue and Oral Health

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

Does your tongue look whitish, feel rough, or are you feeling pain in your tongue? While these symptoms can be normal and harmless, they can sometimes signal a hidden health issue. The tongue and oral health, after all, are closely related to each other. Infections, ageing, medications, stress, and other issues often mark their presence

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Root Canal Treatment

Top Root Canal Treatment Myths Debunked

One of the scariest dental procedures is the root canal treatment, and it’s like that for the wrong reasons. Many misconceptions and rumours are surrounding this treatment that makes it so scary for people, but the reality is much different. Here are the most popular myths about the root canal treatment, debunked. Root Canal Treatment is Painful

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Athletes Should Wear Mouth Guards

Why Athletes Should Wear Mouth Guards

You must’ve seen boxers wear mouth guards, and you’d think they need it since they are getting punched in the face by their opponents. But did you know that other sports are also risky for your dental health? That’s why every athlete must wear mouth guards. After all, they are attributed to preventing more than 200,000

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Dental Extraction Alternative

What are the Alternatives for Dental Extraction?

No one wants to willingly lose their natural tooth, right? Yet, sometimes, it is needed to repair a cavity or infection under the tooth. It may also be required if the tooth is chipped or broken, or if you are suffering from periodontal disease. Not only losing a natural tooth hurt, but it can also

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Oral Health

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

Do you think you have been very attentive towards your oral care just because your teeth look too white and healthy? Think again! Even the whitest teeth hide great dangers of damage or poor oral health. While the damage may be too minute to be seen by the naked eye, these minute damages may cause

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Dental Myths

10 Dental Myths Busted

A dental x-ray exposes you to 34.9 to 170.7 µSv, which is equivalent to eating 50 bananas. Doesn’t sound so scary, right? Yet, many people avoid dental x-rays because they think it might give them radiation poisoning. This is just one of the many misconceptions that keep people from treating their teeth and maintaining proper

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Teeth Grinding

What is Teeth Grinding or Bruxism?

Teeth grinding, which is medically called bruxism, is a condition where a person involuntarily grinds, gnashes and clenches their teeth. Teeth grinding doesn’t harm the teeth, but if teeth grinding occurs on a regular basis, it can damage the teeth. Many individuals don’t realize that they are suffering from bruxism because the teeth grinding and

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Mouth Ready For Summer

Is Your Mouth Ready For Summer?

Whether it is summer, winter, rainy, or spring, your mouth has to be healthy all around the year. There are so many delicacies that a person wants to enjoy over the year. And we also want you to enjoy them freely, but be in limits because once your teeth start having issues, the road ahead

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