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Dental Implants

Need Dental Implants

5 Signs You Need Dental Implants

Your smile is your most precious expression and beautiful and healthy teeth are important for an aesthetic smile. There are many successful solutions for a perfect smile and getting dental implants is one of them. Dental implants are an easy and low-risk process and their success rate is high. However, you must get a timely

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Deal on Dental Implants

The Real Deal on Dental Implants: How Long Do They Last?

When you have missing teeth, it may be difficult to do normal mouth functions. Something as simple as speaking, chewing, and eating can be difficult, which is why it’s necessary to undergo dental procedures like dental implants to improve one’s daily life. Moreover, dental implants provide greater comfort, making them an ideal substitute for actual

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Are Dentures Still Relevant Today. What to Know

The rise of modern technology has allowed treatment centers and clinics to improve the way they render care to patients, especially in the case of the ever-evolving world of dentistry. Whether patients want to fix their teeth’ alignment, whiten them, or strengthen them, it’s safe to say that there will always be an available solution

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Dental Implant an Ideal Solution

When is Dental Implant an Ideal Solution?

For decades, the mainstay of traditional dentistry for tooth loss was always a ‘fixed bridge’ that included a bridge with an artificial tooth cemented over the adjacent tooth. But today, most professionals would agree that replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants supported with a bridge or crowns is the best solution. We

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Dental implants

7 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Who doesn’t desire a perfect smile? All thanks to modern advances in cosmetic dentistry, we have so many options to get a perfect smile. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), cosmetic dentistry aims at creating a positive change to your teeth and your smile. 67th Street Dental, based in Red Deer, has

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Dental Implants

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Cosmetic dentistry provides people with a solution for teeth lost in accident or decay. A lost tooth can be restored with the use of dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. Dental implants are the most efficient and most long-term solution for lost teeth. You can get a dental implant by visiting the dentist at most twice. A

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Know About Dental Implants

What Do You Know About Dental Implants

The human dental arch sheds the teeth once during the childhood years. It tends to do it twice if appropriate care is lacking from the daily routine. It is quite often the general tendency of teeth to fall off because of ageing. Losing a tooth can also be a cause of trauma to the mouth

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