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Oral Health

Food and Drinks

Top 5 Food and Drinks That Can Stain Teeth (Plus Remedies!)

Who doesn’t want bright, sun-shiny grins? Pearly white teeth make you look younger and boost your confidence. While bleaching your teeth is an efficient (and typically safe) whitening method, avoiding foods that discolour teeth in the first place is also a sound alternative. It’s especially crucial to avoid certain meals right after a whitening treatment

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Tooth Filling Fell Out

My Tooth Filling Fell Out! What Do I Do?

Before anything else, no need to panic! Your tooth filling or crown fell out, but there is always a solution. There are many reasons that a filling can come loose, but it is important that you seek care as soon as possible. If your filling or crown falls out, here’s what you should do: Keep

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Vaping Impact

How Does Vaping Impact Your Oral Health?

Vaping is rising in popularity as it proves to be a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, and while it’s true to a certain extent, making the switch doesn’t necessarily do any favours for your oral health. What Is Vaping? For those of you who don’t know, vaping is a form of e-cigarette that uses

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Curb Dental Visit Anxiety

3 Effective Ways to Curb Dental Visit Anxiety: A Guide

If you simply look in the mirror and notice abnormal teeth alignment, tough staining due to plaque, and other related complications, then it’s time for you to go to the dental clinic. However, you may be suffering from dental visit anxiety, that irritating feeling of being scared because of either a past dentist appointment that

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Tongue and Oral Health

What Does Your Tongue Say About Your Health?

Does your tongue look whitish, feel rough, or are you feeling pain in your tongue? While these symptoms can be normal and harmless, they can sometimes signal a hidden health issue. The tongue and oral health, after all, are closely related to each other. Infections, ageing, medications, stress, and other issues often mark their presence

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emergency dentist red deer

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

Do you think you have been very attentive towards your oral care just because your teeth look too white and healthy? Think again! Even the whitest teeth hide great dangers of damage or poor oral health. While the damage may be too minute to be seen by the naked eye, these minute damages may cause

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