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Chew On These: Five Foods For Your Teeth

Five Foods For Your Teeth

Regular brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist once every six months all help get rid of the bacteria in the mouth that causes tooth decay. The build-up of sugar particles in the mouth feeds on the bacteria to form the plaque. Although not a lot could happen overnight, when the build-up starts, they can be challenging to fight. Plaque produces damages to the teeth that causes its natural tooth protection break down, causing cavities to set in. Before you know it, everything has been set, and you have been suffering from periodontal disease right under your nose.

Here are the top five foods that should be included in your diet for healthier, whiter teeth:

  • A cup of tea although some say that teeth can cause teeth discoloration in the long run, many dentists believe that the polyphenols found in a cup of black and green teas are good for the teeth. They limit the growth of bacteria in the mouth protecting the teeth from decay and gum disease. Tea undermines the capacity of bacteria to clump together with the other bacteria in the mouth that cause tooth decay.
  • A slice of cheese whether it is a glass of milk or a slice of cheese, the effect on your dental health is the same. Both are a good source of calcium that keeps the teeth healthy and white. Cheese, however, helps keep the pH level in the mouth at a healthy level, not to mention that chewing on cheese helps produce more saliva that washes away bad bacteria in the mouth.
  • Raisins – it’s funny how sweet raisins can be, but they do not contain any sugar or glucose. When your diet is rich in sugar, it sticks to your mouth and feeds on the harmful bacteria. Raisins are a good source of phytochemicals that fight the harsh effects of sugar on the surface of your teeth.
  • Vegetables – there is no denying how rich vegetables are with the much-needed nutrients and vitamins. But these green leafy vegetables do not only help in proper digestion, but they are also high in phosphorous that enable the tooth enamel to remain strong.
  • Cranberries – the polyphenols in cranberries keep plaque from sticking on the surface of the teeth. It lowers the risk of plaque build-up that causes tooth decay and eventually gum disease. Although cranberries are often eaten as a tart, the added sugar in these treats could cause more harm than good. To best enjoy its benefits, they should be eaten fresh.

Not everything you eat is wrong for your health. Some foods are rich in vitamins and minerals that help protect your teeth and gums. Promoting oral health is not just about fighting off the bacteria in the mouth. It is also about keeping the mouth healthy so that your teeth and gums can function like they used to.


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