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Dental Check-Up: What Can You Expect?

dental anxiety

Are you suffering from dental anxiety? Do not be embarrassed about it. In fact, there are many others out there who skip their dental check-ups because of unexplainable fear. Perhaps knowing what usually happens during a routine dental check-up should help individuals like you control their anxiety. Many might be visiting their dentist at least twice every year, but only a few truly know what happens in their mouth while they are seated on the dental chair.

The strange noises not to mention a stranger’s hands inside your mouth could genuinely make one anxious about what’s happening. But there is no need to worry. Here is a step by step process of what it is like to go through a routine dental check-up to help you manage your expectations. After all, the more knowledge you have of it, the less scary it will seem.

Step 1: Get acquainted with the receptionist at the clinic.

He or she is usually the first person you meet when you step into the clinic. They are in charge of making sure that transactions including payments and dental appointment schedules are put in place. They also notify you when your next visit should be. Also, when you are good friends with the receptionist, they can make you feel more at ease while waiting for your turn at the clinic.

Step 2: Get to know the other staff in the clinic.

You may also meet with the Certified Dental Assistant if there are any in the clinic. Usually, they are the ones you see in assisting the dentist through procedures. They are also well-equipped with the skills needed to conduct simple dental procedures like routine cleaning. These are also the people who talk to you to help you feel at ease while seated on the dental chair. Befriending them will genuinely help you look forward to dental check-ups.

Step 3: Be prepared to talk about your dental history.

Before the dentist checks on the status of your overall dental health, they talk to you about your dental history. This will include the last time you had dental cleaning as well as the previous dentist you’ve seen. Your history will help provide the dentist with a thorough knowledge of the procedures you have had in the past as well as the procedures you might need in the future.

Step 4: The dentist will start with the teeth cleaning.

This is the part that you will feel the most anxious, but there is no need to worry. Now that you have shared your history as well as your other dental concerns, the dentist will try to address your needs. The first thing that they will do is to give it a thorough cleaning to be able to see the status of the other parts of your mouth including the teeth in hard to reach areas in the mouth and the gums. From there, the dentist will provide you with advice on the other procedures that need to be done, if there are any.

Routine check-ups come with routine dental procedures. The first on the list is always dental cleaning. Other procedures may also be conducted including getting a dental x-ray or perhaps even a tooth extraction. But all these procedures are all safe especially because it is done in the clinic of your most trusted dentist.


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