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Dental Crowns: Top Tell-Tale Signs You May Need One

Dental Crowns

One of the most recommended and administered dental procedures is dental crowns. This is because dental crowns fix a plethora of dental issues that can help extend the life of your tooth, all while being nearly painless.

To have a better picture of what a dental crown is, think of it as a helmet that covers most of the tooth above the gums. After the procedure, the crown will look like a natural tooth, but it’s actually your pearly white’s armour that holds it together.

Fortunately, emergency dentists can quickly administer this procedure after diagnosis so that you can have new, brighter smiles when you walk out of the dental clinic. However, there are some cases where you’re not sure if a dental crown procedure is what you need.

In this article, we’ll share with you some signs you should look out for that will tell you that you need a dental crown. Let’s get to it!

Sign #1: You Have Tooth Decay or Cavities

One of the main reasons people get dental crowns is because they have tooth decay or cavities. Generally, tooth decay weakens and endangers the structure of your teeth. When it has reached a severe level, your dentist may need to remove the affected area. Should it reach this point, an exposed area may leave your teeth vulnerable to new bacteria.

This is why it’s important to cover the affected area with a dental crown to prevent any bacteria from entering the cavity. So, besides filling in the cavity, your dentist may also need to protect your tooth with a dental crown.

Signs #2: You Have Root Canal Problems

Once you have a root canal, your tooth is hollow, meaning your tooth is more vulnerable and exposed, potentially in an incredibly weak state. For this reason, dentists would recommend fixing the damage and strengthening the structure of your tooth by adding a dental crown.

Sign #3: Your Have Cracked and Chipped Teeth

Although it can be slightly painful, a minor-chipped tooth may not always require a dental crown. But if your tooth has deep cracks or fractures, getting a dental crown will help halt the damage.

You may have cracked teeth for several reasons, biting on hard objects, after getting into an accident, your teeth are too sensitive to temperature, or if you have cracked tooth syndrome. This is why it’s important to protect your teeth from the damage to eliminate additional pain and stress your tooth and gums may experience.

Sign #4: You Want to Improve Your Dental Aesthetics

Studies have shown that people who look at photographs with people flashing healthy-looking, bright smiles are presumed to be more attractive, successful, and interesting.

In some cases, discoloured teeth can be fixed by whitening toothpaste and products, professional cleanings, or dental bleaching. However, if you’ve had a root canal, staining may be too extreme for your already sensitive tooth. But thankfully, a dental crown could make your teeth whiter, even for the most sensitive smiles.

The Bottom Line: It’s Easy To Tell When You Need to Get a Dental Crown Done

Dental crowns are easy procedures that help protect, strengthen, and enhance the aesthetics of your teeth. So, if you’re experiencing any of the signs above, you might need to book an appointment with your dentist.

Remember, regular dental checkups are a must so you can spot underlying problems and fix them right away with the best procedure that suits your needs.

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