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Does My Age Play a Huge Factor in Getting Braces

Getting Braces

In a perfect world, our teeth will be lined up neatly, like piano keys, and we won’t have to worry about getting cosmetic dental treatments to improve our oral aesthetics. However, some of us have to deal with crooked and crowded teeth or misaligned bites. 

Without proper treatment for crowded teeth, you may have difficulty cleaning your teeth, making you more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. And when you have a poorly aligned bite, you may suffer from chewing or swallowing problems, speech issues, facial pain. 

To deal with these issues, braces are one of the best cosmetic dental treatments you can take and must be installed by the best dentist in town. However, many people, especially adults, aren’t sure if they can still get braces even when they’re older. If you’re considering getting braces but think you might be too old for it, keep reading because we’ll shed some light on this topic!

The Process of Getting Braces

One of the most commonly used orthodontic appliances to help improve a patient’s dental appearance are braces. Braces are extremely versatile and can move teeth in different directions and treat all teeth simultaneously. 

Braces rely on brackets that are bonded on the surface of each tooth and archwires threaded through them to help force movement and help arrange the teeth. In some cases, elastic bands are added to apply different pressures on individual teeth to allow them to move in a specific direction. 

Installing braces can take an hour to two hours at most, and you’ll most probably experience soreness for a few days after adjustments. To treat these discomforts, you can take over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

Braces and Adults

It was known that the ideal time to get braces is during childhood. However, in the present, many adults are receiving this orthodontic treatment and getting fantastic results. 

If you’re an adult and you’re considering getting braces, you might want to remember that you may need some surgery if your bones have developed structural change. Additionally, braces installation can take longer compared to young adults and children.

If you’re concerned about the treatment duration, you should note that it varies for every person and their dental condition, and can take up to two years. If you have other concerns regarding the treatment, you should speak to the best dentist in your area so you can resolve any issues and tackle other dental concerns.

Braces Innovations

The dental industry has been improving yearly, and braces are getting more comfortable and less obtrusive than those in the past. Right now, we have braces that have smaller and fewer brackets, wires that aren’t too visible, and have better results and outcomes. 

Some people will opt to get tooth-coloured ceramics instead of clear plastic ones for a less noticeable look, but these may have some drawbacks. Aside from costing more than metal brackets, ceramic brackets can break and aren’t comfortable for lower teeth since they’re much bigger than metal and plastic brackets. Additionally, ceramic brackets are stronger than your tooth’s enamel, increasing your risk of tooth enamel damage.

Another great braces innovation are lingual appliances. These are attached to the back of your teeth so that your braces won’t be visible when you smile. However, these “invisible” braces can irritate your tongue and cause speech problems. 


No matter your age, you can still get orthodontic treatment such as braces to improve your dental aesthetics and smiles. If you want to get this treatment, it’s best to visit the best dentist in Red Deer, so you can get excellent service and the results that you desire; you’ll have straight and beautiful smiles in no time!

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