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Don’t Waste Your Dental Insurance! Use it Before the Year Ends

Dental Insurance Red Deer

A good job with a six-digit yearly salary is what most of us dream of and want to get, but not all the time does life go as we wish it to. Healthcare services have always been an important priority of any economy and are always on the rise. Putting up with excellent healthcare is too expensive for most families in Red Deer. Out of all kinds of healthcare services, affording a dental health service is the most expensive item on a common family’s budget. Dental health is important for every member of the family. Generally, we dentists suggest one dental checkup and two dental hygiene visits in a year. But affording such visits for the whole family is generally uneconomical. Dental procedures are as expensive as they come and dental emergencies generally strip you of most of your paycheque. In such times, it is very useful to have a dental health insurance plan. Insuring some amount of money for a probable emergency always pays up in the time of need. A dental insurance saves you from blowing away most of your salary on a dental procedure. A common dental insurance in Red Deer generally covers up the expenses of dental examinations, dental x-rays, and other preventive dental care procedures. Even if you have a general dental insurance that does not cover up any extensive dental care procedures, you can still save a lot on your procedures.

Utilizing the Benefits

The main reason for buying a dental insurance is the utilization of the benefits at the time of need. The premium you pay to the insurance companies is what comes back to you as yearly benefits. If you do not use the benefits provided to you for yearly coverage, the benefits are not accrued to the next year. Instead, the insurance company renews the benefits for the year making the benefits of the previous year obsolete. This means the percentage of your premium that was reimbursed back to you as insurance benefits are all lost and wasted. A good dental insurance in Red Deer provides customers with a yearly dental benefit of about $1700. Wasting such amounts of money, which could have been used to take care of the dental health of you and your family, is a great loss. Once the benefits have been reset for the next year, you again have to pay premiums for that year and claim for the benefits. Not only the money but your dental health is also important in this matter. Getting an insurance-backed dental exam is a win-win situation. You are free of the costs of dental appointments. And most importantly, using that dental benefit money can also help you get a dental cleaning and preventive procedures. The dentist can even diagnose any symptoms of any dental diseases you can prevent. This makes it easier for you to keep a track of your oral health.

Saving on Deductibles

Your insurance premiums also include an amount called deductibles. Deductibles are certain amounts of money decided by the insurance company which are supposed to be paid in order to claim the reimbursement amount from the insurance company. This amount of deductibles that you pay to the insurance company is not acquired in the following year if you utilize the benefits in the last quarter of the year (October-December). Right now, you can go and get a dental exam from your dentist on your insurance benefits and ask him to make a quote for you which includes any preventive or orthodontic procedures you might require. You can provide the insurance company with the quotation to claim reimbursement and get your dental health checked without having to collapse your budget.

Saving on Dental Procedures

Generally, dental insurance companies in Red Deer have a list of dentists that partner with them on a contractual basis. If you wish to save on the dental procedures, check with your insurance company which dental clinics they have partnered with and visit those dental clinics to avail discounts on procedures so you can get complete dental health care services. The dental clinics functioning under the insurance companies charge the benefactors of the insurance companies under the Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) fee guide set by the insurance companies. If you set up an appointment with such clinics you will be quoted a lesser price for the procedures in comparison to prices paid by any normal patient who is not availing any insurance benefits.

Expenses Reimbursed by the Insurance Company

The insurance companies that provide dental insurances reimburse a huge amount on your dental care expenses. Commonly, an insurance company reimburses 90% of the expenses on preventive dentistry, which includes x-rays, dental cleanups, minor restorations, root canals, tooth extractions, and emergency services. 50% of the whole expense in reimbursed in cases of extensive dental procedures. For example, dental implants, dentures, dental bridges, and other complete restoration procedures.

Don’t Wait for the Last Day

It is the time of the year when the festivities begin and everyone is keen on a perfect and healthy smile. Everyone with an insurance plan tries to use the benefits that have not been used in the whole year. Most of the people who have a plan in a dental insurance company in Red Deer come out to set up appointments during the end of the year. The crowd is at its peak in the last two weeks of the year. Everyone wants their money utilized and not wasted. You don’t want to be in the line of people who are looking for appointments with dental clinics when almost every dental clinic in Red Deer has all their appointments booked.

So, book your appointments today and savor the benefits of your insurance. What’s more, you get to spend lesser on dental care than you usually do! For dental examinations for your family, contact us at 67th Street Dental.


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