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8 Oral Conditions That Aren’t Minor

Oral Conditions

Oral care is something we are not excited about, but we can’t even neglect it. No matter what, we have to keep our oral health in check. There are many oral health issues that you may face. You may think that dental issues are not so big to pay attention to. But ignoring them will eventually lead to serious dental issues in the future. Oral problems not only affect your mouth but also your general wellness. Problems like heart disease or diabetes can be caused due to dental issues. You may be brushing and flossing your teeth daily, but people with good oral health are also prone to develop dental issues. You should be aware of the oral problems that can be a big issue later, and shouldn’t be ignored.

1) Toothache

You may think that a toothache may seem to be a minor oral problem that can be eradicated with brushing, flossing daily, and using an over-the-counter pain reliever. But actually, sometimes the pain increases because the pain could be due to gum disease or a dentin hypersensitivity caused by eroded enamel. If you notice pus, swelling, or if these are accompanied with fever, then it can be the dental abscess. A dental abscess is a more serious problem that needs to be treated as soon as possible by the dentist. The pain can also be a non-dental pain that the dentist can identify.

2) Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss among adults. Gum disease is an infection surrounding the teeth; the disease is also known as periodontal disease. Gum disease is caused due to the gingivitis that is caused by plaque. The plaque spreads down the teeth irritating the soft tissues and the gumline. The condition gets worse as the bacteria increases. The oral problem of gum disease can also affect overall health with problems like heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease and rheumatoid arthritis due to the spread of harmful bacteria through the blood stream. You should get an appointment with our dentist as soon as you spot a gum problem. You can also prevent gum disease to an extent by maintaining oral hygiene.

3) Cavities

Almost everyone has been caught up with cavities. Cavities are caused due to the buildup of plaque on your teeth. The plaque destroys the enamel on the teeth and causes several other oral issues. Cavities can destroy your tooth completely; but you can prevent it by maintaining oral hygiene by brushing, flossing daily, minimizing the consumption of snacks, using fluoride mouthwash and visiting your dentist. Cavities can lead to building tartar in your teeth that you won’t be able to remove by yourself. You will need a dentist to take care of it.

4) Bad Breath

Bad breath, which also referred to as halitosis, is a common problem that almost everyone is facing. As the oral problem of bad breath is common, it is also embarrassing. Halitosis is caused by bacteria which will be underneath your tongue or gums and produce this foul smell. Bad breath is also caused if someone is facing any oral condition. Gum disease, dry mouth, or cavities are said to be some of the oral problems causing bad breath. You may opt for brushing and mouth washing to eradicate the odour, but that will only cover it. So better would be to check with your dentist for bad breath.

5) Sensitive Tooth

Sensitivity is a dental condition where people experience pain or discomfort when eating or drinking something hot or cold like ice cream, cold drinks, tea, or coffee. Some people also experience sensitivity when brushing or flossing. Sensitivity can be caused due to some dental conditions like gum diseases, chipped teeth, receding gums, or eroded enamel. If you develop tooth sensitivity suddenly, then you should visit a dentist immediately. Your teeth might need some dental treatment to cure the sensitivity.

6) Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can be caused due to an accident when chewing something or grinding your teeth at night. A cracked or broken tooth can be painful at times, and it won’t make your smile look great. You should visit our dentist; we will advise you to get the tooth fixed with a dental crown or with dental bonding with a good strong resin to fix the chipped area. If your broken tooth is risking the pulp in the mouth, then you would be advised for a root canal followed by crown or veneer.

7) Dry Mouth

As your body ages, your mouth begins to create less saliva than before. This could lead to a condition called a dry mouth, which is also referred to as xerostomia. Medications are also prone to cause dry mouth. Dry mouth may sound like it won’t affect your oral health much, but a dry mouth can cause tooth decay more rapidly than normal, which can be problematic for you. If your mouth is always feeling dry, then you should drink more water and visit your dentist.

8) Enamel Erosion

You know how important an enamel is for your teeth. It is a layer of protection on your teeth. Enamel erosion is caused by the acids in the food or drinks you consume. Acid from citrus fruit or cola can affect your enamel. A tooth without enamel is vulnerable to many oral problems like cavities, sensitivity, or cracking. Enamel erosion is common in people, and what surprising is that you can easily prevent it by maintaining proper oral hygiene. Using fluoride toothpaste or even getting fluoride treatment from your dentist can help you very much to repair your enamel.

All the oral problems that are mentioned above need to be taken care of. You should maintain good oral hygiene to prevent such oral problems, and the best solution will be visiting your dentist frequently for a dental check-up. If you are suffering from any oral problem, you can contact us. Our experts will help to provide you with the best treatment for your oral problems.


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