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8 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Your Next Dental Cleaning Appointment

Dental Cleaning Appointment

Visiting the dentist every six months may not be the appointment everyone looks forward to, but it is still one of the most important ones to check. If you find yourself speculating what the point of regular dental checkups and cleanings is, we’ve got something for you to ponder over.

If you consider skipping a dental checkup because of its fee or other factors like time or dental anxiety, make sure you consider all the risks. What you end up paying for in the long run for not visiting the dentist is much higher, both for your wallet and your peace of mind.

Complete dental care means you need an office visit at least 2-3 times a year. Having regular checkups and cleanings keeps you away from several problems. These problems range from oral issues to health disorders that may affect your whole body.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should not miss that next dental cleaning appointment.

1.   Promises Cleaner Teeth

No matter how hard you attempt at keeping your teeth clean and healthy, they are going to be unclean in some way. Plaque and tartar buildup destroys the structure of your teeth. It leads to dirt accumulation and paves the way for cavities. Most people have some plaque or tartar on their teeth, and those with permanent retainers typically face this problem more. These substances can be professionally removed from your teeth. Using teeth polish is one of the ways to start the cleaning process, leaving your teeth sparkling. Fluoride treatments are available, too, during these appointments to strengthen your teeth muscles.

2.   Detects Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a severe disease that manifests itself in various ways. Without knowing the signs of its early onset, oral cancer remains undiagnosed, quickly progresses, and becomes life-threatening. Early diagnosis of this significantly increases your odds at beating this disease.

Your dentist recognizes these signs and symptoms and performs an oral cancer screening at your appointment. Oral cancer screenings are a critical reason to stay up to date with your dental cleaning visits.

3.   Fight Against Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities

Even the most diligent daily brushers and flossers miss cleaning small areas in the mouth. When plaque builds up, it becomes difficult to remove as it solidifies and turns into tartar. This accumulation is difficult to get rid of without professional help.

Regular dental cleaning prevents tartar from eroding the teeth or creating holes in them, which is how cavities build up. Cavities rarely appear without any warning signs and result in a little toothache once the tooth decays. All of this can be avoided with regular cleanings that handle plaque and tartar before they get destructive. A dental cleaning appointment is far more affordable than getting a filling, so if money’s limited, you should not miss the appointment!

4.   Prevents Gum Diseases

Gum diseases begin as gingivitis, which is the swelling and bleeding of gums due to poor oral hygiene. At the gingivitis stage, gum disease is curable and easily corrected. If allowed to grow all the way to periodontitis, you experience tooth and bone loss. This causes a lot of pain and uneasiness, leading to advanced treatment options or even surgery.

Seeing your dentist every six months can detect gum disease in the early stages so that it can it is treated painlessly. 

5.   Keeps Bad Habits in Check

Bad habits have a negative impact on our oral health, some of which we may not even realize are causing issues. Habits like chewing ice, clenching your jaw, biting your nails, and grinding your teeth are few examples. Moreover, eating sticky or hard sweets, brushing your teeth incorrectly, consuming caffeine and red wine, and also smoking are some dangerous habits too.

At regular dental checkups, your dentist checks for any oral damage caused by unhealthy habits which you may otherwise not have noticed. A dental visit allows you to fix the damage caused by unhealthy eating habits. It also helps your oral health be in the best shape possible.

6.   Fixes Problems Under the Surface with X-rays

Visiting your dentist every six months gets your teeth and jaw bones x-rayed. X-ray images allow dental professionals to see what is happening beneath the surface of your mouth. It finds and diagnoses issues that are invisible to the naked eye.

7.   Spots Problems Before they Worsen

Post-cleaning, the dentist conducts an examination checking for cavities or other issues. Tooth decay is easier to detect at the initial stages. Once a cavity tears, it inflames the pulp which is the soft tissue inside each tooth. From there the infection begins spreading.

8.   Ensures Overall Health and Well-being

There always exists a strong link between good oral hygiene and a person’s complete well-being. The state of your teeth and gums influence just about every system in your body, comprising of circulatory, digestive, reproductive and respiratory systems. By visiting your dentist every six months, you are on the right track towards better oral health.

The Bottom Line?

A trip to the dentist every six months saves you time, money, and ultimately your teeth, leaving you with everlasting confidence and much less chance of a toothache, or unexpected trouble you never saw coming.

Incorporate good habits starting today. Brush twice a day, floss every day, and visit your dentist at regular intervals. This will ensure excellent dental health for you and your family. Factors such as pregnancy, smoking, diabetes, or gum disease, will help your dentist decide how often you should come in for dental cleanups. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, like a year, be prepared to go through a full dental cleaning, a set of X-rays, and an oral examination at your appointment. Following this, regular checkups are necessary every six months.

What are you waiting for? Schedule your dental appointment today!


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