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8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

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Do you think you have been very attentive towards your oral care just because your teeth look too white and healthy? Think again! Even the whitest teeth hide great dangers of damage or poor oral health. While the damage may be too minute to be seen by the naked eye, these minute damages may cause you a lifetime of oral problems. Some of these damages are caused involuntarily but they may completely hamper your oral health. Thus, everyone, including children, adults and senior citizens are recommended to adopt healthy oral care routines. Additionally, people should avoid the following strange habits that may add up to the damage.

1) Focusing Only on Your Teeth

You may consider your teeth as the most vital organ in your mouth but that’s only partly true. While your teeth are important, keeping your gums and your entire cavity in the pink of health is equally important. Ignoring any problems that roots from your gums like aching of gums, can result in adversely affecting your teeth. The worse that can happen is your gums may lose grip of your teeth and your teeth may fall off. You surely don’t want that to happen, do you? Apart from that, if you avoid keeping your mouth constantly wet and salivating, it may result in bad breath. To avoid such a situation, the primary solution is to drink water and not let your mouth go dry.

2) Using Teeth as Tools

Your teeth’s sole purpose is to help you process food into small chunks to be pushed down your esophagus and boost your digestion. Other than that, they help you speak efficiently and keep your facial features intact. However, many of us tend to use our teeth as tools. Many people may deny so but haven’t you tried ripping off a Cheetos packet with your teeth when you felt too lazy to fetch for the scissor? Now, such jerks are too harsh for your teeth and may either chip off the enamel or may chip the entrenched tooth. Worse, you can also end up pulling a nerve.

3) Brushing with a Hard-Bristled Toothbrush

Bristles of a hard-bristled toothbrush are too stiff. While many claim that stiffer bristles can remove tartar and plaque from between your teeth, it may not be the best thing to include in your oral care. Rigid bristles can not only cause irritation to your gums but they also strip your teeth off the enamel. So, a better way to keep your teeth clean and healthy without being too harsh on them is to either floss or use a soft-bristled toothbrush. They do exactly the same work that toothbrushes are assigned to do. They will keep your teeth off the tartar and plaque accumulation.

4) Drinking Too Much Coffee

8 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Teeth

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Constantly consuming your all-time favourite beverage, coffee may be good to keep you energized, but they surely weaken your teeth’ health. Not to forget, you get addicted to it. When teeth are concerned, drinking too much coffee stains your perfectly white teeth and forces you to take up teeth whitening. They also increase sugar intake hurting your oral health even more. The more you consume sugar, the more your teeth are prone to decay at an increased rate.

5) Grinding Your Teeth

If you take all the measures to keep your teeth healthy but are victim to incessant teeth grinding, your oral care is compromised. Whether you grind your teeth in sleep or as a technique to compose your nervousness, either way, you are causing great harm to your teeth. Grinding of teeth leads to loss of tooth enamel and may chip off all the necessary minerals that mask your teeth to protect from food stains or other such things. Many dental clinics including 67th Street Dental provide you with treatments to get rid of this habit. Mouthguards are one most practised treatments to cure teeth grinding or bruxism. So, if you are currently facing such a problem that can hamper your oral health, consider getting your teeth a healthy solution like a mouthguard.

6) Ignoring Minor Toothaches

Whether you experience toothache while chewing food or eating ice cream, or experience inflamed gums, it’s time you visit your oral care specialist. If you have been suffering a toothache in some corner of your mouth, ignoring is the last thing you would want to do to your oral health. Minor toothaches are sometimes signalling towards major and deeply-rooted problems. If you avoid them, the minor irritations may progress and become extremely painful and may become incurable. So, before these minor problems become big teeth damages, visit your dentist and get it cured.

7) Smoking Incessantly

Smoking incessantly does not only have a negative effect on your body but it adversely affects your teeth as well. Moreover, they affect the overall oral health of your cavity than just your teeth. Firstly, they form the basis of bad breath. Secondly, people who smoke develop more plaque and tartar then it is developed on the teeth of non-smokers. Tobacco also affects the saliva flow in the mouth, which results in dry mouth. Apart from this, it also affects gum health and may result in periodontal diseases.

8) Using Charcoal Toothpaste

If Instagram trends are to be believed about the magical effects of charcoal on teeth, they give your teeth a pearly white glow. However, if the features of these charcoal toothpaste or charcoal tooth masks or whiteners are considered, they are proven abrasive on the teeth and gums. Charcoal consists of ingredients that can be too harsh on the teeth and can lead to enamel erosion. Activated charcoal can also accelerate your tooth decay and may completely hamper your oral health. People are recommended that if they are truly serious about their oral health, following oral care regimes suggested by your dentists are the most trustworthy ones.

If you have been indulging in any of the habits mentioned above, we suggest you to immediately stop them. Your oral health is a serious matter so if you feel any irritation arising out of these habits, we recommend you visit 67th Street Dental at the earliest.


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