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Emergency Dental

Emergency Dental

Dental emergencies require immediate treatment to bring relief to the person suffering from pain. Also, providing immediate dental treatment is necessary to minimize damages caused due to mouth injuries. So, if you ever need to visit an emergency dental clinic, then 67th Street Dental provides emergency dental services. We offer emergency walk-ins with the same care and assistance given to regular appointments. Some emergency situations that we treat include:

  • Broken Tooth/Teeth
  • Cracked Tooth/Teeth
  • Chipped Tooth/Teeth
  • Broken Jaw
  • Permanent Tooth Knockout
  • Severe Toothache
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Lost Crown or Filling
  • Broken or Loose Braces
  • Other Oral Infection Emergencies
Dental Treatment

Healthy Smile

When a patient visits our dental clinic for an emergency dental service, our emergency dentist will first diagnose the problem and determine the right solution. With the help of dental X-rays, our dentist will identify the root cause of the problem so that the right tooth is treated. In case you need to undergo any dental surgeries, our dentist will inform you about the same. Also, proper medications might be provided to treat your dental condition and reduce your pain.

For dental emergencies, 67th Street Dental gives utmost priority and you do not need to wait for an appointment. When your dental health is at risk, we will do everything we can to treat your problems with minimal pain and discomfort.

Some dental emergencies can be handled temporarily by you before you visit an emergency dentist.

Knocked-out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can be restored if you visit an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible. If you have knocked your tooth, clean and place it in a milk container and visit a dentist. If the tooth is not completely out, you can even try to put the tooth back in its place. But be careful that you do not push it too hard and damage its roots. Also, do not try to touch the roots or the soft tissues around the tooth with your tongue.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Rinse your mouth with warm water and apply a cold ice-pack to reduce the swelling. Keep the ice-pack in the same place until you visit a dental clinic near you. It will provide you with some relief from the pain.

Severe Toothache

In case of a severe toothache, you can apply an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on the side cheek over the pain area, before you visit your dentist.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be temporarily taken care of by rinsing your mouth with lukewarm water mixed with salt. Also, massaging your gums with honey directly and even applying a mixture of turmeric and mustard oil on the affected area may stop the bleeding temporarily.

Lost Filling/Crown

Apply a little clove oil on the sensitive area with a cotton swab. If you still have the broken crown, try to fix it with dental wax as a temporary solution. But visiting a dentist is a must.

Broken Braces

In case of broken brackets braces, use a cotton swab to carefully remove the broken bracket and store it in a small container. While you remove the broken bracket, rinse with warm water to reduce infection risk. For protruding or broken wires with sharp ends that stick out and poke your cheek, use dental wax as a temporary solution. Take a small amount of wax and with clean fingers make a round pea-sized ball and place it on the sharp end of the protruding wire.

67th Street Dental provide treatments only after a thorough understanding of your dental problem. Therefore, if you face any dental emergency, you can visit our dental clinic immediately!



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