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Everyday Activities That Could Seriously Damage Your Teeth

Damage Your Teeth

Teeth are one of the strongest parts of the human body. If properly cared for, they can tear meat, bite powerfully, and even last for a hundred years. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean and maintain your teeth, bad oral habits could sabotage your teeth’s health.

Here are the daily habits you did not know are hurting your teeth:

– Biting Your Nails

Some people have the habit of biting their nails. This habit may seem harmless, but it affects the quality of your teeth. If you continue to bite your nails, it can cause the shifting of your teeth, which would eventually require you to wear corrective braces or retainers. The habit could damage your teeth by breaking your enamel, causing tooth infection, inflaming your gums, or breaking the teeth.

– Sucking Your Thumbs

Another harmless-looking yet damaging habit is thumb-sucking. A lot of motion happens inside the mouth when thumb-sucking, which could eventually affect one’s teeth, particularly a baby’s. The pressure can cause the misalignment of the teeth, jaw, and even affect the shape of the mouth.

– Opening Things with Your Teeth

Opening bottles, junk food wrappers, and packets may seem easier with teeth. However tempting it could be, do not do it. One wrong move could result in a cracked or chipped tooth. Using scissors to tear open items is a much safer and faster way to get things done without you potentially needing a dental implant.

– Overly Drinking Coffee

Many people love drinking coffee because of its great taste and fantastic aroma. But it is a highly acidic drink that can result in tooth enamel erosion. Your teeth’s protective outer layer can become thin and brittle with excessive coffee consumption.

Coffee can also taint your teeth. Since it is hot and dark in colour, it can seep into your teeth’s tiny pores, causing them to stain. In addition to that, coffee can contain high amounts of sugar. Too much sweetness can increase the chances of tooth decay.

– Overeating

Too much eating is never good for your health, especially if you overconsume sugary foods and drinks. Bacteria love to feed on sugar. When they do, they produce acids that can cause the thinning of your enamel.

Combine that with your saliva, and you could end up with plaque. When not cleaned properly, it could lead to cavities that weaken your teeth. Bacteria also love feeding off remaining food particles between your teeth. So, make sure that you clean your teeth well.

– Not Drinking Enough Water

Drinking water frequently can help keep your teeth clean. Doing it can wash away food particles, acid, and even bacteria from your mouth. It is the best alternative if you have no opportunity to brush your teeth. Not drinking enough water could encourage the bacteria and sugar to remain in your mouth, becoming cavities later.

– Brushing Teeth Harshly

Harshly brushing your teeth does not lead to cleaner and better teeth. In fact, hard brushing your teeth can irritate your gums and also erode your teeth’s enamel. When cleaning your mouth, try to brush lightly or use a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid incurring damage to the teeth.


Everyday activities that may look harmless can end up damaging the teeth when abused or done frequently. When your teeth get harmed, there is no way to bring them to their original state. If you want to avoid dental problems in the future, make sure to take care of your oral health and overall health as well.

Regular visits to your dentist can also prevent further damage to your teeth. 67th Street Dental is the best dentist in Red Deer. We offer top-quality and comprehensive dental treatments and services to give our clients the healthiest and most beautiful smiles. Request an appointment by contacting us at (403) 986-6700.


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