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5 Pre-Holiday Preparations to Ensure Your Dental Health

Dental Health

Something people enjoy about the end of the year is having holiday dinners and exchanging treats among friends and family. If you’re planning on enjoying the holidays, make sure you don’t neglect your dental health. Otherwise, you might welcome the new year with a root canal procedure or a toothache-induced frown! Here are things you should do to ensure healthy teeth during the holidays.

Visit Your Dentist for a Pre-Holiday Checkup

Whether you’re staying home or visiting a small group of loved ones this year, schedule a pre-holiday visit with your dentist. Ensure that your teeth will be up to the task before you dig into all those seasonal favourites!

Be More Mindful of What Your Kids Consume

The holidays are an excuse to indulge a little, which means rich food and sweets for everyone. For kids, this might lead to dental caries and poor oral health. Be a bit more vigilant about their oral hygiene during the holiday season, so your child can enjoy all the treats they want without getting cavities because of it.

Look for an Easy-To-Use Oral Cleanser

Supplement your dental hygiene routine with an oral cleanser. You can quickly use a cleanser between meals, and you can slip a bottle of it easily into your bag. Oral cleansers kill disease-causing bacteria and break down dental plaque. They also keep your breath smelling fresh! Oral cleansers are safe for anyone over the age of eight; however, keep in mind that it is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing.

Watch What You Eat

The holidays are supposed to be a time for eating what you want, but it is not an excuse to binge without care. Drink and eat in moderation, especially when it comes to excessively sour food, fruit juice, and sugary drinks. Food with high acidity and sugar content generates acid in the mouth, making you prone to tooth decay. Schedule a dental consultation to ask your specialist about other ways to care for your teeth during the holidays.

Wine is also a culprit; unfortunately, alcohol consumption increases your risk of gum disease, which is the leading cause of gum infections and tooth loss. Acidic drinks can destroy gum tissue and bone and dehydrate the cell walls in the mouth. A popular notion holds that alcohol consumption increases a person’s risk for oral cancer, which increases significantly when a person smokes while he drinks. Since alcohol supposedly dehydrates the mouth’s cell walls, it makes it susceptible to carcinogens from cigarette smoke.

Do Not Ignore the Pain from Your Teeth or Gums

If you notice an ache or pain in your teeth, do not forego getting it checked. Not only would you ruin your holiday experience, but it could also become a more serious issue if you delay treatments.

Once you experience discomfort in your gums or teeth, contact your dental hygienist immediately.


If you follow these tips on dental hygiene, you will surely enjoy your holiday dishes and treats guilt-free. Spending just a couple of minutes incorporating a few more steps into your daily routine will surely be worth the trouble and money you will save on treatments in the long run.

Schedule your pre-holiday dental checkup at 67th Street Dental today. We are family dentists in Red Deer, AB, providing a range of services, from comprehensive oral health examinations to emergency dental treatment. Set an appointment with us today or contact us for more information!



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