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Top 5 Food and Drinks That Can Stain Teeth (Plus Remedies!)

Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t want bright, sun-shiny grins? Pearly white teeth make you look younger and boost your confidence. While bleaching your teeth is an efficient (and typically safe) whitening method, avoiding foods that discolour teeth in the first place is also a sound alternative. It’s especially crucial to avoid certain meals right after a whitening treatment since the bleaching procedure makes teeth more absorbent.

Your morning coffee or favourite spaghetti dish may be doing more for you than just giving fuel, nutrition, and calories. Foods and drinks with high acidic content and dark colour can cause stains on your teeth over time. Continue reading for a list of foods and beverages that might make you frown.

1) Black Coffee

Coffee, particularly black coffee, may discolour your teeth. Many folks will wash their teeth before going out to get a cup of coffee on their way to work. Your teeth are porous, which means they naturally absorb the liquids you consume. Even if you drink one or two cups of coffee each day, the dark colour of the coffee may easily stain your teeth. You may avoid stains by adding a small amount of milk to your coffee, which will soften the colour and offer you some much-needed calcium.

2) Tea

Many people may convert from coffee to tea, hoping to prevent their teeth from becoming discoloured. However, because tea contains tannins, it will still stain your teeth, depending on which kind you like. The darker the tea, the more likely it may stain your teeth.

3) Red Wine

While red wine may have tons of benefits for your cardiac health, we can’t say the same for your pearly whites. You can picture the stain situation if you’ve ever glanced in the mirror and grinned after enjoying a glass of Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon. On the plus side, research has indicated that wine lowers inflammation, which can reduce or prevent gum disease. To erase the discoloration, sip white wine or swirl the water around your lips afterward.

4) Beetroot

If you’ve ever handled a beet, you know how readily they stain anything they come into contact with. If it stains your hands and cutting board, it will also discolour your teeth. Beets, like blueberries and tomatoes, are incredibly nutritious. They are high in nutrients that your body requires, but their staining power is particularly potent.

5) Popsicles

If anything stains your lips and tongue, it will stain your teeth as well. That implies that you will most likely discolour your teeth if you eat a popsicle on a hot day. Of course, there are several types of popsicles. If you eat food with a dark hue, it may leave stains on your teeth.

Ways to Avoid Teeth Staining

You don’t have to avoid staining your teeth by avoiding everything on this list. Here are some things you can do to keep your teeth sparkling.

– Brush and Rinse After

After consuming drinks that can stain your teeth, such as coffee or tea, rinse your mouth with water to remove the staining substances. Brush your teeth as well to stave off cavities. If you ate or drank something acidic, you should wait roughly an hour before cleaning your teeth. Your saliva contains enzymes that protect you from some of the acidic damage.

– Make Use of A Straw

Another suggestion is to drink via a straw. Darker liquids may be prevented from reaching your teeth as a result of this.

– Don’t Allow Drinks to Linger

Don’t allow liquids or meals to stay in your mouth for too long, whether you’re drinking them or eating them. Of course, you should thoroughly chew your meal before swallowing.


Foods and beverages containing dark pigments, tannins, or a high acidic content can cause tooth darkening or discoloration over time. However, achieving your dream teeth doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your favourite snacks.

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