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How to Get Healthy Teeth With the Help of Dental Procedures

Get Healthy Teeth

One of the most important things that affect a person’s overall health is their oral health. All of the parts of your body are interrelated, and while you may think that a toothache is the worst that can occur, the reality is much worse.

Proactive dental care will keep your mouth in good condition. From time to time, you may have to undergo procedures such as fillings or crowns that safeguard your teeth and keep them highly functional.

While dental hygiene habits have an impact on your oral health, so does your diet. Beverages and junk food are the mainstays of many diets all over the world, which can result in cavities and plenty of other long-term oral issues.

Whether you ask an oral hygienist or a dentist in Red Deer, AB, they will tell you one of the greatest reasons for suboptimal oral health is the combination of poor diet and bad dental hygiene.

What Gives a Person Tooth Decay in the First Place?

Much like the bones of the human body, teeth are largely composed of calcium. The key difference is that teeth contain blood vessels, veins, and connective tissues. That leads to the mouth having a heightened sensitivity. This also means they’re more likely to have exterior damage in situations such as:

Biting down on something too hard

– Consuming food that’s got extreme temperatures (too cold or too hot)

– Switching between food at extreme temperatures.

When it comes to plaque, many of the deposits are actually left behind by sugar. When that happens, the mouth’s microbes may make the scraps the victim of their attacks. Any lingering food can rot and result in dental issues. At that point, the enamel will be slowly eaten away, causing decay and cavities. While cavities seem harmless initially, they can cause major damage when untreated.

Here are some dental procedures that can repair tooth decay and help bolster your oral health:

Dental Fillings

When decay is in the early stages, the damaged tissue can be physically removed. The resulting space is then filled with dental cement, essentially returning your teeth to their original condition. This procedure is a minor one that’s non-invasive, taking an hour or less and little-to-no pain. It’s also cost-effective and will keep your tooth from playing host to more decaying tissue.

Tooth Crowns and Root Canals

When a tooth is extremely damaged, the best dentist in Red Deer may recommend a root canal. This means they will need to conduct deep cleaning all the way to the tooth’s root. The tooth gets shaved down in order for an artificial tooth to go in its place, typically referred to as a tooth crown. This procedure is more invasive than a dental filling and will, therefore, cost more. However, it will preserve the usability of your tooth and keep you from needing an artificial implant instead.


Dental health is incredibly important, especially since the consumption of sweets and junk food is prevalent. Tooth decay is quite the problem, but it can be addressed easily enough. Healthy teeth require regular maintenance that includes scheduled doctor visits. Moreover, procedures like getting a dental filling, a tooth crown, or even a root canal can help maintain a healthy, happy smile.

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