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Here are 4 Tips to Prevent Dental Injuries

Dental Injuries

Dental injuries can be traumatic, especially when they result in dental emergencies like ending up with knocked out or cracked teeth. But with the help of dental procedures and healthy dental practices, it is possible to prevent and prepare for dental injuries. Dentists at 67th Street Dental are always at your service when unfortunate dental injuries befall you. But isn’t it better to prevent rather than cure? In this article, we discuss some precautionary measures to help you prepare for and prevent dental injuries.

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Always wear protective gear during sports

Almost 40% of dental injuries are caused during sports activities. Many sports such as wrestling, boxing, horseback riding, and football require players to wear mouth guards, helmets and chain straps to prevent dental injuries. These protective gears protect you from jaw fractures and neck injuries. Sports-related protective gears also ensure protection from injuries to tongue and cheek lining.

  • Face cages and helmets

Face cages and helmets are important protective gear worn by players to protect any facial or dental injury. Face cages are necessary to prevent face trauma such as jaw fracture and dental injuries. Helmets are used to protect your jawline from serious injuries.

  • Mouthguards

Off the shelf or over the counter, mouthguards are designed to fit a wide range of people. As a result, some people find that it doesn’t fit them right. And, as a result of that, they often face difficulty while communicating, drinking or breathing properly during the game. As a result, many players prefer going on the field without wearing them, and the purpose of mouthguards gets defeated.

Custom fitted mouthguards, on the other hand, are thin and provide more protection as they offer maximum coverage. Unlike conventional mouthguards, custom fitted mouthguards do not cause any obstruction while communicating, drinking, or breathing.

  • Use night guards to prevent teeth grinding

People who suffer from bruxism tend to clench or grind their teeth in their sleep (or sometimes, even while awake) due to stress or anxiety, improper teeth alignment, sleep apnea or some medication. This grinding and clenching action leads to wear and tear of the tooth enamel that results in dental injuries. This dental condition involving teeth grinding can be prevented to a significant extent with the help of night guards.

  • Practice healthy oral habits

Practising healthy oral habits not only keeps your mouth clean and keeps away dental complications but also keeps your teeth healthy and strong. Proper brushing and flossing, eating healthy food, avoiding sugary, carbonated and acidic food and beverages contribute majorly to enhancing the strength of your teeth. If you live close to 67th Street, make it a point to visit our dentist at 67th Street regularly for dental checkups!

  • Avoid chewing hard objects

Chewing hard objects such as hard candies, ice, bones, and pens can cause dental injuries such as a cracked or chipped tooth. The cracks in your teeth can reach the nerves and cause erratic pain and sensitivity. Severe cracks can also cause pulp tissue infection, which damages the bone and gum tissue surrounding it.

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