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How to Take Care of Your Invisalign?

Take Care of Your Invisalign

Invisalign are aligners that are helpful in aligning your teeth. When your teeth are misaligned or you are suffering from overbite or underbite, there are high chances that you may eventually suffer from severe dental problems that may further require medical attention from a dentist. But when you pay a visit to a dental clinic, they would eventually suggest that you start using Invisalign. When you are using Invisalign aligners, you need to take really good care of them. This is because if you don’t pay proper attention to using them properly, there may be high chances that your Invisalign will accumulate bacteria and discolour over time. Apart from these things, damaging your Invisalign would result in damaged teeth. To avoid such a situation, you need to take care of your aligners. Read on to understand how you can take good care of your Invisalign aligners.

Do NOT Forget to Wear Them

When you opt for Invisalign aligners, you are primarily thinking of the benefits as you can conveniently remove them whenever you are drinking or eating anything. Always make it a point that you wear your aligners whenever you are done with a drinking or an eating session. This is because your teeth need the aligners. In case you forget to wear your Invisalign aligner, there are high chances that your teeth may not get aligned in the way you thought they would or your teeth would accumulate bacteria. So always ensure that you wear your Invisalign aligners.

Always Clean Your Invisalign Aligners

If you take good care of your Invisalign aligners, your aligners can then effectively help in aligning your teeth. So before using the aligners, make it a point that they are properly cleaned. There are several things you could do in order to keep them clean. Some of these measures include cleaning your aligners after every meal. Every morning, your aligners should be cleaned with proper toothpaste. This is because if the Invisalign aligners are not cleaned properly, they can become an inviting arena for harmful bacteria and bad odour. 

Keep Your Teeth Clean Too

When you have your Invisalign aligners, it is imperative that apart from keeping your aligners clean, you also clean your teeth. To clean your teeth, you can rely on fluoride-rich toothpaste and a toothbrush that can easily reach the crevices of your teeth. One of the major benefits of using the right toothbrush is that the bristles can remove those food particles that can cause plaque and bacteria in your teeth. Apart from these measures, you can also rely on flossing your teeth regularly. Again, flossing your teeth helps in removing the really minute food particles that can lead to bacteria and cavity. The sole reason why we emphasize on you cleaning your teeth to maintain your Invisalign aligners is that if your teeth are not clean, your aligners can get dirty from inside and can lead to further damage to your teeth.

Avoid Eating With Your Aligners On

Whenever you wish to have a meal, always ensure that you have taken your aligners off because failure in doing so will only lead to your aligners getting stained and damaged. Furthermore, when you do not remove your aligners when having a meal, it can often lead to some tooth particles getting stuck in between your teeth and your aligners. Further resulting in bad odour and bacteria accumulation.

Never Leave Your Aligners Open

When you leave your Invisalign aligners open, you are just inviting troubles. This is because when you keep your Invisalign aligners in the open, there are high chances that you might either lose it. Apart from losing your Invisalign aligners, when kept in the open, there are high chances that there will be a lot of bacteria that will be accumulated on the aligners. A good way to take care of your Invisalign aligners is that you keep your aligner container with you at all times. By doing so, you will remember that you need to keep your aligners safely at all times.

Let Your Mouth Adjust Automatically

With new dental aligners, people often complain that the aligners are too tight. This is because the Invisalign aligners are fresh and new. In such cases where the aligners are new, they usually take some time to adjust to the shape of your mouth. Do not even try to force the aligners to accommodate your dental structure. This is because unnecessary force will only lead to your aligners getting damaged. So rather, choose to give it some time to fit according to your dental structure, This will only help in providing a better dental structure for you. 

Visit the Dentist Regularly

If you are facing any issues with the Invisalign aligner and you cannot understand what the problem is, it is advisable that you reach out to the experts. In case you are planning to fix the problem all by yourself, we would genuinely suggest you do otherwise. Rather than this, visit the nearest dental clinic to find a solution to your problem. This is because of the fact that dentists are better trained in fixing issues with Invisalign aligners. 

Apart from these things if you wish to know more about taking care of Invisalign, get in touch with a dentist in your vicinity.


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