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Is Your Mouth Ready For Summer?

Mouth Ready For Summer

Whether it is summer, winter, rainy, or spring, your mouth has to be healthy all around the year. There are so many delicacies that a person wants to enjoy over the year. And we also want you to enjoy them freely, but be in limits because once your teeth start having issues, the road ahead can be difficult. We suggest you practice oral hygiene throughout the year to keep your oral health in the best condition. 

Talking about the current times, summer is around the corner. You will have to be prepared for it in advance. You will have to take the right steps, so your oral health is in good condition during the summer too. 

Keep the Body Hydrated

The foremost thing you should do is fill your body with the right amount of water and other sugar-free and non-aerated drinks. Firstly, the summer makes a person thirstier, and you have to make sure to stay hydrated. During the summer, there are high chances that your mouth runs out of water and becomes dry. A dry mouth can lead to tooth decay, bad breath formation, and plaque build-up. Water and other sugar-free drinks will keep your mouth moist and keep these issues at bay. Secondly, the water will help in keeping your oral health well maintained in many ways. Drinking water cleans your mouth, and this way, all the bacteria from food debris that are sitting in your mouth will be washed down by the water. 

Rinse Your Mouth

The summer season brings with it hot temperature which can lead to dry mouth and bad breath. You can get rid of them by just rinsing your mouth regularly with mouthwash or water. The summer makes an individual thirsty and they get attracted to the cold sodas which contain a lot of sugar and harmful acids. Rinsing your mouth with water after consuming a soda beverage will remove the acid and sugar from your mouth and increases the formation of saliva. Rinse your mouth regularly to remove the food particles from your teeth. Fruits like apples, celery and pears also help to rinse bacteria from the mouth. 

Prevent Dental Injuries

The summer is not a season where you will sit calmly in your houses like winter and monsoon. This is the time when you may want to step out and indulge in various outdoors and sports activities, or simply go on a vacation. These activities can sometimes cause dental injuries. You have to be alert and take care of yourself so that you don’t get injured during an activity or on your vacation. Once your teeth get damaged in an accident, it becomes very difficult to fix them. And not to forget, the pain may be unbearable. You may lose integral parts of your mouth like teeth and damage parts like gums or tongue. Make your children wear a mouth guard during the activities, and you wear it too, as it will lessen the chances of getting injured. Ensure to buy mouth guards and use them during the activities.

Use Tap Water

We have talked earlier about how the water can keep your oral health in good condition. We will now tell you why drinking tap water in Canada can also be beneficial for your teeth and gums. The tap water contains fluoride in it, an essential mineral that keeps your teeth strong and gums protected. The fluoride water helps to strengthen the enamel, which will restrain your teeth from decay. The fluoride water also protects the teeth from erosion and cavities. So rely on this cost-effective option to keep your mouth healthy.

Avoid Soda Consumption

It is normal in summers to fall for chilled soda beverages to satisfy your thirst. But you would also know that how these soda beverages can affect your teeth badly. You surely don’t want to end your summer with an unhealthy mouth instead of lovely memories to cherish the rest of the year. The amounts of sugar and acid in soda are so high that they can cause cavities or enamel destruction, making them vulnerable to dental issues. The soda also has high levels of acid that can cause dehydration and lead to dry mouth. So you should consider drinking water or other non-acidic and sugar-free drinks instead of soda. 

Consume Healthy Food

During the summers, it is common for people to gather for BBQs and later have sweet dishes or desserts for a complete joyous meal. It sounds very soothing and appealing to your appetite, but at the same time, it can cause an issue to your oral health. Kids are the ones who like to snack more, and they will surely opt for popsicles and ice creams that can damage their teeth with a high level of sugar. So the solution for you is to keep your fridge filled with healthy snacks. You can also store food that is high in protein. Also, you can have cheese and nuts. This will make the children consume healthy and tasty food instead of opting for those bringing harm.

These healthy habits will keep you ready for the summer ahead. You should also keep the habit of visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and ensure to take your kids too. With all this, you can expect to enjoy your summers with a healthy mouth.


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