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5 Reasons For Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Constant wear and tear, decay, and other trauma tends to cause a tooth’s health to be compromised. These issues can cause a tooth extraction, which is a minor surgical procedure to remove a tooth. Depending upon the condition, your affected tooth may require extraction as well or else it will cause infection in the later stage. Here are five reasons for a tooth extraction that you must take note of:

Severe Tooth Decay

This is the most common reason behind tooth extractions. Tooth decay could occur due to several reasons, however, as the decay progresses towards the center of the tooth, aka the pulp, it becomes a breeding ground for bacterial infection. A root canal procedure is performed to prevent infection; however, in case the decay has escalated beyond, tooth extraction is performed to remove the affected tooth. Since the area around the tooth is numbed with local anesthesia, tooth extraction pain is minimal.


Impaction occurs when a tooth is unable to grow out of the gums to its intended position. This can happen if the gums fail to rupture, allowing the tooth to grow upwards, or if there’s something else blocking the tooth from rising above, such as wisdom teeth. The solution is a tooth extraction of the wisdom tooth or the tooth next to the impacted tooth, which allows the latter to grow outside the gums.


An accident like a car collision can cause traumatic damage to a tooth, causing it to loosen or get fractured, chipped, or cracked. A dentist will guide you on preserving the tooth at first either by adding dental bondings, bridges, crowns, or veneers, among other options. However, if removing a tooth is imperative, a procedure can be done for it. Tooth extraction pain is often subdued thanks to local anesthesia. Perhaps a bit of pain during extraction is better than constant lingering pain should you decide to keep a loose or fractured tooth as it is.

Periodontal Diseases

Periodontal disease is common and preventable if treated in time. It occurs when the structures holding the teeth are compromised, such as the gums and alveolus (socket holding the tooth in place). Bacteria infringement can cause a periodontal infection that can destroy the structure supporting the teeth. Tooth extraction may be required to prevent any further damage.


As the name suggests, overcrowding happens when teeth don’t get enough room and thus, become crooked. Orthodontia can help treat crooked teeth, however, you may require extracting a tooth or more to accommodate other teeth and allow them to move in a straight line upwards. Don’t worry about tooth extraction pain here as well since local anesthesia is administered to the patient to curb any pain during the procedure.

These are the five most common reasons to get a tooth extraction. If you suspect any one of the reasons listed above could be behind your toothache, it’s time to call 67th Street Dental for a quick consultation to find the possible solution to relieve you from any sort of pain. We offer a comprehensive list of dental services including root canal treatment, dental implants, braces, Invisalign, crowns, bridges, and overall dental exam.


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