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Several Common Misconceptions Regarding Root Canals

Misconceptions Regarding Root Canals

When people hear root canals come up in conversation, their guard tends to go up right away. The very idea of getting one causes alarm to many—and for a good reason too; there’s so much misinformation surrounding it, mainly because of how scary it sounds! Many of these misconceptions are unfounded—which is why it’s important to be more informed about this common dental procedure.

To clear out the air about it, here are some of the misconceptions about root canals, and the corresponding truth to debunk it.

Misconception: Getting a root canal is incredibly time-consuming.

Truth: A major reason why the root canal treatments of people are either postponed or cancelled altogether is their schedule! However, this is a rather outdated look in these modern times. Instead of multiple sessions that can certainly be time-consuming (not to mention the lengthened root canal recovery time afterwards), you will only need a visit or two to complete it.

Misconception: Pain is a permanent, persistent symptom.

Truth: Don’t be fooled, because having a toothache is definitely a sign that something is wrong, and a root canal may be necessary. Many people would likely be surprised to know that even with no pain at all, a root canal procedure may end up necessary nonetheless. Dental health professionals will be able to properly assess the situation and diagnose the best course of treatment.

Misconception: Pregnant women cannot and should not have root canals.

Truth: Even in the midst of pregnancy, women can most certainly get a root canal if they need one. An element that worries many women is the x-ray involved prior to the root canal, which is usually done to examine the teeth. The x-ray doesn’t go anywhere near the abdominal region or the unborn child, staying in the oral region instead. Radiologists generally have a shield to cover the abdomen for extra protection as well.

Another common fear is the anesthetic drugs, but there are actually anesthetic options that are completely safe for pregnant women. It’s key to communicate openly with the dentist performing the procedure to ensure 100% safety and security.

Misconception: The roots of teeth are removed when a root canal procedure happens.

Truth: The only part of the tooth that is taken out is the pulp! The teeth involved in the procedure do not lose their roots whatsoever.

Misconception: There are diseases associated with or caused by root canals.

Truth: Root canal treatment has gotten more advanced over the years. This includes a more accurate sterilization process. There are zero risks of developing any mystery ailments through getting a root canal.

With the global pandemic, that is a fair enough assumption to make, but it is absolutely inaccurate. Getting a root canal is perfectly safe.

Misconception: When you get yourself a root canal, there’s pain involved.

Truth: Back in the day, getting a root canal meant having to deal with a lot of hurt. With the advancement of technology, however, this is no longer the case. This isn’t just a random statement, either. The American Association of Endodontists has made this claim themselves!


There are many misconceptions associated with root canals, and many of them are largely outdated. A lot of them are also flat-out, not true at all! By making oneself more educated about the matter, you can ensure that you get the procedures necessary for yourself without fear of the unknown. All that’s left is to find a reliable dentist near you to handle the procedure!

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