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4 Signs You Need Braces

Need Braces

Gone are the days when braces were only a norm for children. Braces are meant to be worn by anyone with misaligned teeth or because of their doctor’s suggestions. Crooked teeth can accompany you through life and somewhere along the line, they might make you conscious. Hence, fixing braces for a certain tenure can fix your teeth and add to your confidence with efficient mouth functionality. You can either opt for metal, ceramic or invisible braces, depending on what suits you best. But do you really need braces? Here are a few signs that you should approach your dentist for braces. 

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth not only hinder your confident smile but also arrest your overall oral hygiene. With crooked teeth, you cannot brush your teeth appropriately due to their unevenness nor can you floss effectively. A proper alignment of teeth works wonders on your personality, boosting your confidence but also elevating your oral health. If you sport crooked, crowded or overlapping teeth, then yes, you can benefit from using braces. 

Gaps Between Teeth

Proper proportions in the gaps of your teeth are as important as their alignment. Watch out for gaps that are unusually larger than the normal ones. Such teeth can affect the health of your mouth and generate difficulties in chewing. Moreover, these gaps lead to gum inflammation resulting from plaque accumulation. Spacing of teeth, proportionally small teeth or missing teeth also are a clear indication that you need braces. 

Bite Issues

Another way to determine if you need braces is by biting down. When you bite down, your upper set of teeth should slot right into the lower set without leaving any larger space. Moreover, any jutting of upper or lower teeth while biting down can be effectively fixed with the use of braces. Otherwise, you may experience pronunciation and speech issues along with the grinding and wearing of teeth. 

Watch out for either of these:

Underbite: If your upper teeth extend past the lower teeth while biting down, then you have an underbite issue. 

Overbite: If your lower teeth jut past the upper ones, then you have an overbite issue. 

Jaw Pain

Misaligned teeth are one of the causes of jaw pain that can also lead to gastrointestinal discomfort. The misalignment in your jaw often results in strained muscles causing recurrent headaches. Due to this, you might start to experience clicking sounds from your jaw while opening and closing it. In such cases, it is advised to seek your dentist and consult for getting braces. 

Issues with your teeth should never be neglected as your overall health is determined by them. Before they cause something worse, it’s better to consult dentists for getting quality braces. At 67th Street Dental, we design your braces as per your requirement so that your smile would never be hampered. Reach out and get a consultation now!


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