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Here Are 6 Myths About Invisalign You Should Know About

Myths About Invisalign

One of the biggest innovations in the world of dentistry, particularly in orthodontics, is Invisalign. Invisalign straightens the teeth without the need for metal braces causing many individuals to pursue the treatment. Those who have crooked teeth or poor bite now have the option to have their teeth straightened without metal brackets protruding from their mouths. Still, there are plenty of questions that many have about this treatment. In this post, we will discuss certain myths that push many to skip the treatment.

– There’s a Certain Age for Invisalign

Not true. Patients can get Invisalign treatment as soon as they lose their baby teeth. Furthermore, individuals who are in their sixties and seventies can be treated with Invisalign as well. No matter what age, this type of orthodontic treatment may be recommended. Therefore, it is never too late or early to have your teeth straightened.

– There’s No Insurance for Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is FDA-approved, and if your treatment covers orthodontics, you are automatically covered for Invisalign. A lot of people have concerns about the treatment costs and their lost benefits of insurance. The truth is, you can always find a solution to this, such as checking your policy and seeing whether or not orthodontics is included. 

– It Takes Longer Than Braces

Another myth is that Invisalign takes longer to show results than braces. The truth is, the pace of the treatment depends on the patient’s biology. That’s why some people’s teeth move at a faster rate than others. Moreover, the complexity or the severity of the patient’s bite, spacing or crowding are all factors that affect the speed of the treatment. 

– It Won’t Work With Complicated Issues

A lot of people believe that patients with complicated dental issues may not be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. The truth is, this dental treatment can correct almost every problem. Thanks to technology that continues to evolve, Invisalign has changed dramatically, which is great news if you weren’t a candidate for the treatment a few years back. You might be surprised that you are now—and that’s all thanks to modern technology. 

– It Doesn’t Require Tooth Extraction

It’s common knowledge that you will need to undergo tooth extraction when you need to have your teeth straightened. This applies to some cases, but many believe that Invisalign can save them from one. If your dental issue needs teeth to be removed, then it must be done, regardless of your orthodontic treatment. 

– Any Dentist Can Do Invisalign

No. Invisalign treatment requires specific skills; plus, it’s different from braces. A dentist must have significant experience with the treatment to be able to treat moderate or difficult cases. So, before you walk into a dental facility, you need to make sure they offer this type of treatment because not everyone does!

– A “Straighter” Point of View

Now that we have debunked the most common myths about Invisalign, you are now more informed about the treatment. If you’re thinking of getting it, it’s still best you speak to your dentist to ensure you’re a good candidate for it. 

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