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Things to Know About Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard

Whilst playing any sports, a single blow to the jaw or the mouth can cause serious dental damage that can be painful and expensive to treat. You can minimize the risk of such sports injuries by using a sports mouth guard when you are a part of sports or other physical recreational activities.

What is a Sports Mouth Guard?

A sports mouth guard is a resilient appliance that fits over your teeth and is worn during sports activities. It helps protect you against teeth injuries and areas surrounding your mouth. Injuries caused during sports activities can be relatively low, but if the teeth are damaged, the amount of pain and cost of the treatment is relatively high. Depending on the extent and type of dental injury, a single blow can result in weeks, months or even years of treatment. Treatment costs vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

How Does a Sports Mouth Guard Protect You?

A mouth guard acts as a reliable and sturdy cushion that helps to redistribute the force of the blow when you are facing a hit in the mouth or jaw. It absorbs the impact in an even manner. It also provides a barrier between the soft tissue in and around your mouth and your teeth. A good mouth guard can help prevent broken teeth and cuts against gums, lips, and other soft tissues in and around the mouth area.

Types of Sports Mouth Guards:

Stock Mouth Guards: The readymade mouth guards can be simply placed as an appliance in your mouth and you are ready- to-go. You can shop them online or can buy these in stores selling sports goods.

Boil- and-Bite Mouth Guards: They are made using the materials that are quite resilient under normal conditions and become pliable when heated. You have to place them in very hot water till softened and bite into it so it takes the shape of your mouth fitting aptly over your teeth. They are also easily available over the internet and at sports goods stores in the market.

Custom Made Mouth Guards: They are prescribed, customized, and fitted by a dental professional. It involves making a model of your teeth and molding the material around it to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

How to choose a Sports Mouth Guard:

Stock Mouth Guards are the least expensive of all. They offer protection to some level but do not grip the teeth. It is difficult to hold them and keep them in place unless you constantly bite on them.

Boil-and-Bite ones fit more appropriately around the teeth and it makes it easier to keep them in one place. When you bite into the mouth guard that is hot, you reduce its thickness. This phenomenon reduces the level of protection.

Custom-made mouth guards are the most expensive of all. But they ensure a better fit, comfort, and better protection.

67th Street Dental offers the best quality Sports Mouth Guards to protect your teeth from any sort of sports injury. To better care for your teeth, while playing sports, you can reach out to a professional dentist.


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