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The Real Deal on Dental Implants: How Long Do They Last?

Deal on Dental Implants

When you have missing teeth, it may be difficult to do normal mouth functions. Something as simple as speaking, chewing, and eating can be difficult, which is why it’s necessary to undergo dental procedures like dental implants to improve one’s daily life. Moreover, dental implants provide greater comfort, making them an ideal substitute for actual teeth.

This is why it’s crucial to have an emergency dental clinic on speed dial just in case you’re dealing with unfortunate dental accidents, like missing, broken, or damaged teeth. However, there’s more to dental implants than just filling in the gaps in your gums.

Dental implants are made to be durable, but many forget that they need the same tender, love, and care as your real teeth. With that being said, even if they are a durable alternative to natural teeth, how long can they really last?

How Many Years Can Dental Implants Last?

When you get implant surgery, you’re not only affecting the surface functions of your mouth. Your dentist is also improving your facial and jawbone structure, ensuring that it preserves its dignity.

Dental implants are firmly attached to your jawbone like actual teeth, ensuring the durability of your implants. So, if you’re worried about your implants falling off, you can get that out of the way because your dentist will ensure that they stay in place.

When you take good care of your implants and follow your dentist’s recommendations, your dental implants can last up to 25 years. Sure it may sound somewhat implausible, but with proper care, your dental implants may look great, remain functional, and stay in place for that long!

What Can I Expect After Dental Implant Surgery?

As mentioned earlier, dental implant surgery is more than just replacing your missing and damaged teeth with implants. Your dentist will also fix your bone structure to help reduce the load in your existing teeth. With that, your dentist can help preserve your teeth and gum’s natural tissues and reduce bone loss and deterioration.

If you’re worried about aesthetics, you can rest well knowing that your implants will look and feel like actual teeth after dental implant surgery. With that, you’ll get a boost of self-confidence, making you want to flash your pearly whites every single time.

How Do I Care for My Dental Implants?

1) Know-How You Use Your Teeth

The main job of your teeth is to chew your food and help digest whatever it is you’re trying to consume. No matter how durable your teeth and dental implants are, avoid using your teeth to open beer bottles and tear them into different materials.

2) Mind Your Oral Habits

One of the main reasons you get damaged teeth is that you’re not practicing good oral habits. Especially now that you have dental implants, it’s essential to put a spotlight on your dental health and ensure that you have a solid dental routine.

3) Never Skip a Dentist Appointment

It’s always important to have the best dentist on speed dial so you can get the proper dental care you need. When you’re experiencing discomfort or issues with your teeth, it’s always best to visit your dentist right away. Besides that, getting regular cleaning and checkups is necessary.

The Bottom Line: Dental Implants Can Help Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

The great thing about dental implants is that they are designed specifically for you, giving you an enhanced, natural smile. So whether you’re dealing with a missing tooth or a damaged tooth, it’s always a good idea to book an appointment with the best dentist and get dental care and dental implant surgery immediately.

Trust us — you’ll walk out of the clinic with newfound confidence, and you can’t help but flash your pearly whites everywhere you go!

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