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The Root Canal: Facts You Need To Know

Root Canal

You have been told that you need to undergo a root canal procedure. The mere sound of it already gave you the chills. Dentists recommend their patients to undergo such a restorative dental procedure because they believe that a perfectly healthy and functional tooth with an infection in the root should still be saved. Whenever they can, dentists always advocate keeping natural teeth in as long as possible.

But because you’ve been told to undergo the procedure, here are some facts you need to learn about it to ease the anxiety you may be feeling at the moment.

What is a root canal procedure?

The procedure involves the repair of the tooth that has become infected and badly decayed from the roots. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the pulp and the nerve, clean the insides of the teeth and seal it. Without proper treatment, the tissues surrounding the teeth may get infected that could result in the growth of abscess. Such a condition could only get worse.

The term “root canal” is used to describe the natural cavity of the tooth. It is located in the middle of the tooth. The pulp chamber is the soft area within the root canal. The tooth only starts to hurt when the infection has reached the roots; thus infecting the nerves causing the tooth to ache.

Why do people need to undergo the root canal procedure?

When the pulp or the nerve tissue gets infected and is damaged, it breaks down which results in the rapid growth of bacteria. The bacteria and other debris cause the growth of abscess in the roots which could later spread to the other parts of the tooth and gums. In addition to the potential risk that comes with the spread of abscess is the other parts of the mouth, the patient must undergo the root canal procedure for the following reasons:

  • Swelling of the infected area that can spread throughout the entire face.
  • Loss of bones usually the tip of the tooth due to accident or what
  • Drainage problem that extends up to the root of the mouth.

What causes the infection?

The tooth’s nerve can become irritated, inflamed and later on infected due to tooth decay. May it is the unhealthy diet or lack of proper dental hygiene, the pain that comes with an infected tooth remains the same. The infection may also be caused by a cracked or chipped off tooth due to trauma caused by accident or even sports-related injuries.

A root canal is a procedure under restorative dental practices. Although it may sound a bit scary, the thought of losing all your teeth due to infection is always much more terrifying. Whenever your dentist tells you that a root canal procedure is your best option, they mean it. Most of the time, it remains to be the only option left.


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