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6 Things That Happen During A Dental Exam

Dental Exam

It can be nerve-wracking to visit a dentist, even if it’s for a simple dental check-up. The anticipation of some bigger dental issue can overwhelm you. But having a clear idea about a dental check-up can ease your worries immensely. Here are some of the things that happen during a dental exam:

1) Assessment of Medical History

Prior to your dental exam, dentists make it necessary to ask about your medical history and medication intake. Some medicines can have adverse effects on your teeth and gums and dentists or hygienists discuss them with you in detail. For example, if you consume antidepressants, it can cause dry mouth and increase the risk of tooth decay. Likewise, arthritis, diabetes, or even asthma medications can cause dental issues. You can find more of them here.  Hence, communicating them to your dentist is of utmost importance so that they can proceed accordingly.

2) Examination of Teeth and Gums

This is where your dental exam begins. Dentists make use of a metal probe and a mirror to reach the innermost areas of your mouth. You’d be asked to be comfortable while dentists check for any signs of a cavity, tooth decay, root decay, cracks, or periodontal diseases resulting from infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that surround and support the teeth.

The dentist would also check the working of your jaw, its alignment or any signs of jaw clenching while you bite.

3) Evaluation of Oral Hygiene

Your oral hygiene is of dire importance. Any issues regarding teeth and gums might begin here. Therefore, dentists do a thorough evaluation of your oral hygiene to look for any indications that give away poor oral hygiene, such as a toothache, bleeding or swollen gums, or bad breath, and provide advice regarding the issue.

4) Dental Cleaning

Our mouth accumulates plaque over time, which causes numerous oral health issues. Dentists use a small tool called a scaler to clean the plaque and hardened tartar from your gum lines and the gaps between your teeth. The more the tartar, the more time it will take to clean it.  Furthermore, they will floss and polish your teeth and scrap any unclean portions.

5) Inspection Through X-Ray

An X-ray test proves beneficial for dentists to inspect the areas hidden from the naked eye. You’d be asked to take an X-ray of your teeth if required and provide it to the dentist, who will scrutinize it well for any defects.

6) Oral Cancer Exam

With the growing number of oral cancer cases, dentists make it mandatory to check for any evidence of oral cancer. They will check the insides of the lips, cheeks and tongue, sides of the neck and roof of your mouth.

Note: It is advised not to eat half an hour before the dentist appointment.

Why Is a Routine Dental Check-Up Necessary?

  • To examine for oral cancer
  • To check for periodontal disease
  • To inspect for any tooth decay or cavity
  • To check your overall oral health

A dental check-up twice a year can work in your favor and keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy.

Dental health is not something to be taken lightly and getting dental expertise from quality doctors is a must. 67th Street Dental Clinic relieves any queries regarding your dental issues and solves them efficiently.


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