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Thinking of Trying DIY Braces? Read This First

DIY Braces

Do-it-yourself projects have that particular charm that effectively attracts people’s attention. It could be that satisfaction of being able to do something on your own without having any professional assistance or training. It could also be that pride in discovering tricks and hacks that allow you to save money.

DIY trends seem to be a hit when it comes to home improvement tasks and passion projects nowadays. However, these trends have also invaded the dental industry in recent years—in the form of DIY braces.

While this can sound interesting and even convenient for some, it pays to take a closer look at the situation. Moreover, you must remember this important question: how effective are DIY braces and straightening kits?

If these dental health fads have piqued your curiosity, here are some things you must learn first before trying them out:

What DIY Braces Are Made Of

One of the promises DIY teeth-straightening kits give is that they can deliver dentist-quality results at significantly lower costs. Some find these very attractive, especially those who want to cut down on their expenses.

However, you must know that going down this route may cause significant harm to your oral hygiene. In the worst cases, you may need to see a dentist for severe oral issues and gum diseases. This is because DIY braces are often made using harmful materials such as superglue, rubber bands, hair elastics, paper clips, and even jewelry-making bracelet beads.

Some people claim to have seen great results with DIY braces. That said, there is a greater risk of damaging your teeth when you try to align them using these materials without consulting a licensed dental health professional.

What DIY Braces Do To Your Teeth

While DIY teeth straightening can be your quick and affordable ticket to achieving a beautiful, straight smile, it may sabotage your oral health and even lead to serious damages. Here are just some of the various ways it harms your teeth and gums:

1) They Increase Your Risks of Tooth Loss

DIY braces use tight rubber bands to move your teeth quickly. While these tightening materials can show visible results fast, they are damaging the roots of your teeth in the process. This is because overly tight braces can cut the blood supply flowing to your teeth and their roots.

2) They Put You At Risk of Gum Infections

Another thing you have to remember about DIY teeth straightening kits is that they are not professionally sterilized. They are also made of non-medical-grade materials. Fastening such materials into your teeth can potentially cut and injure your gum tissues.

In the worst cases, these open sores can develop into a gum infection. If left untreated, these infections can result in tooth loss or even bone loss in your jaw.

3) They Negatively Change Your Bite

DIY braces can indeed shift your teeth. However, they may do so—in ways you would not like! They can move your teeth out of place and even worsen the alignment of your upper and lower jaws. As a result, your bite issues may become worse than what you started with. You may also find it harder to chew and speak.


To ensure you get great results, it’s still better to talk to a licensed dentist. DIY braces may seem like the quick and affordable alternative, but the risks you will be exposing yourself to are not worth those small benefits. A professional dentist will give you personalized care based on your dental needs so that you can gain a beautiful and healthy smile from the inside out.

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