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3 Dental Crown Myths Debunked – Our Patient’s Guide

Dental Crown Myths

You may be looking into investing in a dental crown procedure, but you may have heard of misleading information that may have scared you from going forward with your next dental appointment. If you have been misinformed, you must clarify what you know by learning more about the misconceptions surrounding the treatment. That way, you can make well-informed decisions for your oral health and well-being! 

This article will discuss three common myths about the dental crown procedure. Take this as an opportunity to gain factual insights into the process and look into the possibility of other restorative dentistry solutions to care for your teeth! 

Myth #1: Dental Crown Costs Are Unreasonably Expensive! You Shouldn’t Get Them!

Many seniors believe that getting dental crowns are too pricey because they are often tricked by dentists who charge a lot to get their teeth assessed and fitted with the best dental crowns. However, this is only a misconception since there are affordable crowns that you can enjoy! For instance, the average porcelain crown ranges from $350 to $1,000, and you can also take advantage of other dental services as a package! 

Another possible reason that many patients believe dental crowns are expensive is that they are often misinformed about their dental bills. It involves getting additional procedures to prepare their teeth for dental-grade replacements. For instance, you may need a root canal and deep cleaning before attempting to attach any crown to your teeth.

As such, it’s important to have routine dental checkups and ask your family dentist why you need dental crowns and other related dental solutions. It ensures that you won’t get confused by your final bill and you can consult with your insurance provider about your dental health coverage. 

Myth #2: Dental Crowns Look Very Unnatural. You Are Better Off Preserving Your Natural Teeth!

Plenty of patients who get restorative dentistry services loathe dental crowns because they are convinced it looks out of place compared to their natural teeth. But the truth is they may have confused the dental crown with the dental implant. Remember, crowns can be placed over damaged teeth, while implants need crowns to adhere over them to keep your teeth’s natural appearance.  

Furthermore, one of the benefits of dental crowns is you can brush them to maintain their longevity and natural-looking appearance. Consult with your dentist to guide you with the proper dental habits. That way, you can prevent any untimely inconveniences with your new and improved smile! 

Myth #3: You Only Need One Dentist Visit for Your Next Dental Crown Appointment!

You may think that your dental crown appointment takes only a single visit because you were led to believe that dental technology allows for hassle-free, quick appointments with reduced visits. However, this is misleading information that can affect your schedule. 

Dental crowns take a minimum of two appointments: one for the placing of the temporary crown and another for the permanent replacement. In some cases, you may have to undergo a dental exam for a seamless, successful procedure. 

Avoid any inconveniences with your dental crown appointments by consulting with your family dentist in advance. Don’t forget to also talk about pre-procedure and post-consultation guidelines to ensure your dental crowns adhere well to your teeth!


Dental crowns can be a worthwhile investment for your oral health and well-being. Now, you have a better understanding of it since we’ve debunked all the common myths. All you have to do is book your next appointment! Look into the dental crown procedure and other restorative dentistry solutions to look after your smile! 

Are you looking for professional dental crown procedures in Red Deer? We at 67th Street Dental Clinic can provide you with that. We are your dedicated team of family dentists, offering full-service solutions to help you preserve your oral health and well-being. Book your next appointment with us today!


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