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3 Effective Ways to Curb Dental Visit Anxiety: A Guide

Curb Dental Visit Anxiety

If you simply look in the mirror and notice abnormal teeth alignment, tough staining due to plaque, and other related complications, then it’s time for you to go to the dental clinic. However, you may be suffering from dental visit anxiety, that irritating feeling of being scared because of either a past dentist appointment that didn’t go well or the fear of the unknown. If you are going through this, don’t worry because they are effective ways around this. Consider the following tips to ensure you conquer this hurdle and get the oral care you need:

– Acknowledge Your Emotions and Your Need for Better Oral Health

Emotions can be tough to deal with, especially when they begin to cloud your judgement. It may even come to a point where you are not thinking rationally about what you need to do because you feel tense, sad, and even angry. The truth is these feelings are valid, and you shouldn’t bottle them up because you will only feel worse.

Additionally, you have to realize that your need for a dental exam, treatment, or whatever that may be is valid. Prolonging it can also lead to just further discomfort. Thus, this overwhelming physical need can outweigh your heavy emotions.

The best way to go about this is to first acknowledge both, and process them properly. You can do this through journaling, processing it with a friend, or even seeking professional help. If you also need to confide in someone, your dentist—believe it or not—is on your side. Therefore, make these thoughts known to them, come up with a favourable treatment plan, and get the dental intervention you need.

– Talk to a Friend or Family About Their Positive Dental Experience

When you are undergoing dental visit anxiety, you may think you are alone in this, and it can get overwhelming. You may even seek out validation from other people in your sphere of influence, wallowing in your fear together. However, doing this will only make matters worse. What you need is a perspective from a trusted friend or family member. In particular, you want something with a favourable dental experience.

At first, it may seem counterintuitive to detail your story to someone with an opposing view. The good news is you don’t have to feel this way with someone you can trust. In fact, they may even provide you with a fresh perspective on your reservations to see a dentist.

For instance, if you fear the dental exam, your friend or family member can detail what they experienced and how happy they felt after. This way, you can challenge your feelings of anxiety and be more level-headed about it, leading you to face your fears.

Ask for Anesthesia and Other Painless Dentistry Treatments

One of the biggest causes of dental visit anxiety seems to be fear of feeling pain, just as you would when you undergo major surgery. Fortunately, modern-day dentistry techniques and technologies have solutions for this. They have painless treatments, anesthesia, and other related solutions. Just ask your dentist about this and make sure you get it for your next dental appointment.


Fearing your next dental visit is normal, and you don’t have to feel ashamed of it. In fact, it can be a valuable learning experience for you to understand yourself and your needs better. Luckily, you now have a better understanding of what you need to do. Just remember the tips and work out your anxieties with trustworthy professionals, like our team.

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