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3 Things to Expect When Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

Did your dentist recommend you to undergo root canal treatment? If so, you must be fully prepared for what is to come to ensure a successful treatment and a speedy recovery. Root canal treatment involves removing the inflamed pulp inside your teeth and refilling the hole with gutta-percha. The reason you need to undergo this procedure can vary, but mostly it is to avoid further complications.

That being said, if you have agreed to undergo the treatment, here is what you can expect during the procedure:

1) Multiple Appointments

One of the things you will need to prepare for is to schedule multiple appointments with your dentist. This is because the dentist has to make sure that the treatment is going well and that your teeth are healing as expected. This is a must because not all treatments are successful, meaning that you might face different types of complications, which we will get into.

You will also need to go back to your dentist if they used a temporary filling to cover the gap in your teeth. This filling needs to be replaced with something more permanent later on.

2) Possible Complications

As previously mentioned, not all root canal treatments are completely successful. While rare, some people face complications after the treatment is done. For instance, their tooth may have cracked, or the filling might not be applied correctly. Regardless, any complication can cause the pulp to inflame again, so another procedure will be required to address the problem.

3) Pain

Another thing you will need to be prepared for during the treatment is pain. This might be one of the reasons you might feel nervous about the procedure. Many people believe that this pain is caused by the destruction of nerves in your teeth when the pulp is removed. However, this is not the case.

The pain you may feel is not the result of the removal of pulp inside the teeth. Instead, it is the pain before the treatment caused by the inflamed pulp itself. You will be given an anesthetic to reduce the pain, but remember that the pain can last a few days after the treatment and will gradually wear off. If the pain is too much, you may need to purchase over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.


Now that you know what to expect during root canal treatment, we hope you are ready to undergo the procedure! Remember, this treatment is important to save your teeth and oral health, and it will probably improve your quality of life.

That being said, after the treatment is over, there are a few tips you need to remember to ensure a quick and full recovery. Avoid eating right after the procedure until the anesthetic has worn off, avoid using the affected teeth for chewing, and be sure to ask your dentist whether another visit is required for a permanent filler. In doing so, you will soon restore your teeth to its former glory, allowing you to enjoy good oral health once more.

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