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What is Comprehensive Dental Care Service?

Dental Care Service

Oral health issues are something that everyone fears yet few people take it seriously. They fail to keep up proper oral hygiene and to visit the dentist’s office at regular intervals. There are many people who totally neglect oral health generally because they feel that an appointment with the dentist would be too heavy on their pockets, or because they are intimidated by the dental procedures and treatments. Our oral cavity is the first thing that stands between our internal organs and the external reagents that can get you very sick.

People are generally not wary enough about their oral health. There are a lot of oral diseases that increase their effect on the oral cavity gradually. Oral diseases don’t show up at once, so you tend to ignore the minor symptoms. Diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis affect the oral cavity slowly, and the symptoms remain hidden until it’s too late. To prevent such diseases from damaging your gums and teeth, everyone must have regular dental appointments. And go for comprehensive dental care at a dentist in Red Deer.

What is Comprehensive Dental Care?

The definition of comprehensive dentistry is- a concept that includes not only traditional treatment of dental disease but also prevention and early detection. Comprehensive dental care takes into consideration of all the points of maintaining good oral health and minimizing the risk factors that can cause problems to it. It also includes the restoration, repair of teeth and most of the oral cavity that has already been damaged due to aging or some accidental injury.

Since comprehensive dentistry deals with the protection of the oral cavity, therefore it is protecting the organs below it in the digestive system from the effects of bacterial infection. Comprehensive dentistry thus deals with maintenance of all the tissues and bones of the mouth, which includes gums, teeth, jawbone, tongue, larynx and extends to the stomach.

What kind of Issues Harm Oral health?

Dental health can get in trouble due to a lot of factors like lifestyle choices, body health conditions, effects of medication, and sometimes genetics. All the problems can be categorized and prevented by getting an appointment with a dentist in Red Deer for a comprehensive dental examination.


There are almost 37 different kinds of bacteria that stay in our mouth and can cause dental decay. Bacterial accumulation comes chiefly with the food we eat. It increases in proportion if you have some harmful consumption habits like – tobacco, soda, coffee, and alcohol. Even the use of fluoride to sanitize the water cannot always protect the teeth and gums, because every time you eat something; the bacteria get nutrition and start breeding again. This way people who don’t have a proper oral hygiene habit, can get troubled by dental decay.

Sometimes dental decay can also be caused due to medication like vitamin supplements, cough syrups, and antacids. These medicines can cause dental decay due to the sugar content in them. A dentist in red deer that practices comprehensive dental care would suggest the use of alternative medications that are either sugar-free or do not require extended use.

Gum Diseases

Gum diseases are the most common oral health problems. Lack of proper oral hygiene leads to plaque accumulation in spaces between the teeth, where cleaning is hard and can be easily neglected. The plaque contains bacteria that can harm the gingival (gum) tissue. If bacteria infect the gingival tissue, then the body tries to fight it off and increases the blood flow in the gums for healing. This causes the inflammation on the lining of the gums, which is called gingivitis.

Due to the increased blood flow, the gums also get swollen, which slightly decreases the hold of gums on the teeth. This causes the formation of pores in gums around the teeth. These pores provide more space to shelter the bacteria. As a result, the bacteria access to the more delicate parts of the teeth and gums. The bacterial infection under these spaces is called periodontitis and the spaces formed are called periodontal pockets. Gum diseases cause gum recession, and the teeth look abnormally longer. Comprehensive dentistry can diagnose the symptoms earlier and prevent further damage of the gums from periodontitis.


Stress can also be one of the factors causing damage to dental health. Stress affects all of us, but more so to the people that have a lot of responsibilities. Most of the stressed adults unconsciously grind their teeth. Yes, it could be that you are affected by bruxism or teeth grinding. The stress causes tension in the muscle, and the teeth can get clenched in sleep or even during the day when you are really concentrated on some task.

The clenching of teeth puts extensive pressure on the teeth. This causes unnatural wear to the teeth and the Temporomandibular Joint. This wear and tear affect the normal alignment of the teeth and changes the bite shape. Comprehensive dental care services include the restorative procedure in such cases. With the use of devices like braces and retainers, the natural bite shape and alignment of the teeth can be restored. It can improve the appearance of your smile.

Systematic Problems

The way you work affects your health. Eating habits, issues with the digestive system, and medications have an influence on your oral health. Almost 24% of the population of Canada suffers from GERD or Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease. Have you ever had heartburn or the feeling of food backing up your food pipe? That is acid reflux. It can be caused by factors like sleeping patterns, eating habits or eating times, medication and alcohol. The stomach throws back undigested food and also some acid with it. Bacteria thrive in acidic conditions. People suffering from GERD experience more deterioration of the enamel than the general population. This makes their teeth more vulnerable to cavities and decay. Dentists analyze your medical history during the comprehensive exam and suggest diet plans and medications to prevent further damage to your teeth.

Comprehensive dental care takes into account all of your medical history and habits. It also considers the natural conditioning of the mouth. It deals with restoration of any damage that has already been done in the lack of proper dental care. Visit a dentist in Red Deer for comprehensive dental exams and preventive dental care services.


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