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What You Need to Know About Getting an Annual Dental Exam

Annual Dental Exam

Your oral health impacts your overall well-being. One of the most important aspects of taking good care of your teeth, gums, and mouth is getting an annual dental examination. 

Having no toothache doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have any dental issues. Rather, an annual dental examination is a crucial part of a proactive dental care plan. During this session, your dentist aims to identify, diagnose, and treat dental problems before they turn into serious concerns.

Those who are new to regular dental examinations may have a few questions lingering in the back of their minds. We will be addressing these questions today.

I Am Scared of Getting a Dental Exam. What Should I Do?

Dentophobia or fear of dentists is common. Being uncomfortable and uneasy in a dental office is understandable, but skipping dental treatments that you badly need can impact your health. 

Overcoming your fear and anxiety may be challenging, but it is possible. To ensure a smooth and convenient dental checkup, look for a reliable dental clinic. Most of the staff will describe what’s going to happen before you start your dental exam. Meanwhile, some even offer as many breaks as you want. This way, you can feel at ease and safe throughout the entire procedure.

Many dental offices also offer nitrous oxide gas or laughing gas, an oral-conscious medicine, and various kinds of sedation that could be used in your regular exams to help you stay as relaxed and calm as possible. 

What Can I Expect During My Dental Exam?

The dental exam typically has five parts, including x-rays, looking for cavities and gum disease, an oral cancer exam, and a consultation. The examination could be brief or may take longer depending on your dental health. 

Here at our dental clinic, our comprehensive dental exam involves examining your teeth and tooth surfaces for any signs of decay, cracks, or other problems. We also perform a gum evaluation to spot any signs of periodontal disease. It also includes an oral cancer screening where your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissues, and gums are examined for any signs of abnormalities. 

X-rays are also performed to take an in-depth look at the structure of your mouth and get a comprehensive view of your oral health. It helps us assess the development of both your teeth and jaw, look for any signs of decay, tumours, cysts and bone loss, and determine tooth and root positions.

During your hygiene appointment, we assess the health of your gum and give advice on any necessary gum treatment, such as scaling and root planing to remove plaque and tartar from your tooth surfaces. We also share helpful tips and other information with you related to brushing, flossing, nutrition, smoking, and more based on your unique dental needs.

Aside from an annual dental exam, we offer braces, Invisalign, crowns, bridges, extraction, root canal treatment, mouth guards, emergency dental services, and dental implants in Red Deer.  We can determine if you need any of these dental treatments during the dental exam.


Just because you can’t see any obvious tooth decay or feel any pain in your teeth doesn’t mean you are free from any dental concerns. To help you treat dental issues early and give you the healthy teeth you have always wanted, get an annual dental examination from us.

At 67th Street Dental Clinic, we are a full-service family dental practice that provides complete dental care services, including a dental exam, braces, and emergency dental in Red Deer. Contact us to book an appointment!



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