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Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Interesting Things You Should Know

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If there’s one intriguing thing about your oral health, it’s the mystery behind wisdom tooth. In most cases, your dentist may advise you to have your third molars removed due to some relevant reasons. Although this is a typical dental procedure, some patients are still afraid of having it.

Is there something to be afraid of? The following facts will help you understand it better.

Yikes! a Wisdom Tooth Can Be the Cause of Mild to Life-Threatening Oral Health Issues

Your wisdom tooth on its own isn’t problematic, unless it’s painful or causes other health issues such as cysts, infections, tumours, and abscesses in the gums and teeth.

Late diagnosis of infection can also result in kidney and heart damage. This might sound grim, but if you consult with your dentist regularly, they’ll be able to detect the presence of an impacted wisdom tooth, preventing these issues from happening.

Yes, Your Dentist Will Recommend an Early Wisdom Tooth Removal

Dental professionals suggest that the best time to remove a wisdom tooth is at the stage when it’s still not yet fully developed. Usually, it is during your teenage years or early adulthood. There is a lower risk of getting complications and fast recovery when the wisdom tooth removal is done within this period.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Is Tolerable

Extraction of wisdom teeth is indeed bearable. Since this is done during a surgical procedure, there’s no need to worry about pain during the process. Your dentist may administer local anesthesia or total sedation, depending on the severity of your case. You may experience slight discomfort after the surgery, but with the help of medications, that will disappear in a short period of time.

Healing and Recovery Can Be Fun and Satisfying

After your wisdom tooth extraction is the only time you can enjoy yogurt, ice cream, and even smoothies without worry. That’s truly a sweet and delicious treat, right? Not only do these foods taste great, but they can also help reduce swelling and bleeding. Aside from choosing a soft diet, your doctor or dentist can also give you some prescriptions to help manage discomfort and pain after the procedure.

Yes, You Can Speed Up Your Recovery

The recovery period among patients can vary. Some people can recover faster and get back on their usual routines. However, some patients may require a longer time due to some factors. If you’re thinking about making your recovery faster, you should avoid doing strenuous physical activities. Also, you should not smoke and use straws when drinking after the wisdom tooth extraction. Do not brush the teeth or gum near the extraction area rigorously.

Beware! Problems with Wisdom Teeth Can Show No Symptoms

Just because you’re not feeling pain or noticing swelling doesn’t mean there is nothing wrong with your wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth problems sometimes do not show any signs. This is the reason why you should have regular check-ups with your dentist. This will confirm if you will need to have your third molar removed or not.


It is essential to know that wisdom tooth extraction is a safe dental procedure. Keep in mind that having your wisdom tooth removed will keep your oral health in good condition. Do not be afraid to undergo this procedure because your dentist knows the best for your oral health.

Got questions about wisdom tooth removal or tooth extraction healing? We’ve got you covered! Our dental professionals at 67th Street Dental will be happy to assist you. Book an appointment today!


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